4 Red Lipsticks I Would Buy Time and Time Again

A swipe of red lipstick can totally make an outfit. Here are the 4 red lipsticks that I keep on high rotation, and have marked to buy again!


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Red lipstick is one of my favourite accessories. I don’t care if it isn’t technically an ‘accessory’, because it is in my books!

At last count, I owned around 9 different red lipsticks. Yes, 9 red lipsticks! One red lipstick is not enough when it is one of your most treasured accessories. Despite accumulating quite the collection, there are 4 red lipsticks that I favour out of the lot (as you can tell by the worn down shapes of the tips!). I tend to lean towards highly pigmented, long lasting shades with a blue undertone. My olive complexion lends itself to deeper, cooler toned lipsticks more than it does bright, warm tones. As such, these 4 lippies have become my go to shades, and ones that I will buy over and over again.

My 4 favs, in order of the swatches on my arm, are…

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 740 ‘Certainly Red’ – $22.95

I am the worst when it comes to abiding by makeup use-by dates. I can’t even tell you how long I have had this lipstick, but as one of my favourites, I just can’t throw it out until I have used it all up! It glides on super smooth and moist, but doesn’t stay too sticky that it is uncomfortable, or too slippery that it slides off. The colour ‘Certainly Red’ reminds me of raspberries, and I believe it to be a good shade for most skin tones.

Jolii Luxe Creme Mattes ‘Vita’ – $18.00

Now this is a super interesting product! Jenelle actually got two of these from an event at MBFWA last year, and handed one over to me. I had never heard of the brand before, but I am so thankful I know it now! The Jolii Luxe Creme Matte glides on wet and glossy, but sets matte and absolutely in it’s place. It is actually the red I use the most when I am shooting as it just will not budge. I can wear this lipstick out to a 2 hour event, snacking and drinking bubbles, and it will not have moved by the time I get home. For this reason alone, it has become one of my absolute favourite lipsticks. Once it is on, it requires very little attention. While it looks quite pink in the tube, it actually sets a more nude-red colour and makes your lips pop.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate 52 ‘Idol Red’ – $13.95

I didn’t lie when I said I like long-lasting lipsticks. I love red lips, but I hate having to reapply a billion times through out the evening. This Rimmel lipstick is smooth, silky and long-lasting. All of my favourite things in one. Being a little closer to my lip colour (i.e. not too deep red or blue toned), it is a good one to pop on during the day or when I am not looking for such a bold lip.

Natio Lip Colour ‘Rush’ – $14.95

This Natio lipstick was the very first lipstick I purchased when I started dancing after my move to Perth. Mum and dad no longer funded my dance expenses, so I had to venture out and purchase all the necessities myself. As a uni student, pharmacy brands were my best friend. It turns out, this particular lipstick has actually been the best lipstick I have ever purchased! 9.5 years since I first found this lipstick, and I am still buying it! Everything about it is just perfect for me – it lasts, it is creamy and moisturising, and the colour is just to die for. What more could you ask for in a $15.00 lipstick?

Are there any lipsticks you swear by? As an avid red fan, I am always on the look out for some new shades and brands to try! 

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