The Life Lesson I Learned Through Working Out – Plus Split Tutorial #2

Working out doesn’t just build a strong body, but a strong mind too.



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It may sound really straight forward, but this is a lesson that took me a while to work out. Not until I was thrown into doing things I never thought I could do, and was taken way outside my comfort zone, did I come to learn that…

You have way more control over your mind and body than you think.

In fact, the first thing that gets in the way of you completing or accomplishing something is generally your mind. In the exercise and fitness world, your body is far more capable of getting a task done than your mind lets on. One of the most common phrases that came out of my mouth at the start of my new fitness journey – right before I surprised myself and actually complete something – was ‘I can’t’. Clearly, I could.

Outside of the gym, the mind works in a similar way. It can put up barriers in an effort to protect you from hurt, failure or embarrassment. Through a fair few tough moments at Movement Co, and some gentle encouragement from Mat, I have come to learn that I can control my mind and body more than initially thought. Every time my mind has convinced me that I am ready to give up, there is still more that I can give from deep down inside. As much as I don’t think that I can bust out those extra few reps, or put myself out there to learn a new skill for work, my body and mind are indeed powerful enough to do it.

It may take a few deep breaths and some positive affirmations (no Mon, you have got this, you can do this), but you can beat your mind at it’s own games. That goes for both my physical work outs, and for any hurdles I come up against with my anxiety or life in general. There is truth to the saying that ‘it is mind over matter’. A little encouragement and a last little push from within will see you control and conquer your mind.


On a slightly lighter note, I have a new Youtube video up on my channel!

If you missed my first tutorial, you can find it here. This follow up episode takes the stretches a little further. The next episode (coming soon) promises to take the stretches a little further again! I would love to hear what you think of my tutorials so far. Have you given them a go?


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