The Importance of Setting Fit Goals (Plus a Splits Tutorial!)

The difference between simply exercising and training is having a defined set of goals, and having the motivation to achieve your fitness goals.


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For many people, working out seems like a chore. Leaving the house to go to the gym requires a cheer squad, and almost any excuse seems a good one to get out of going to exercise. In most of these cases, the lack of motivation comes from a lack of defined goals. Exercising with no clear purpose is as difficult as setting up a business without a clear vision – everything seems blurry and you wonder if it will even all be worth it in the end. To commit to a training regime, you need to outline exactly what it is you want to achieve.

The difference between simply exercising and training is having a defined set of goals, and having the motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Not only does defining your fitness goals provide some motivation to get out and work out, you can also be held accountable for the exercise you do and don’t do. Your goals could be as simple as touching your toes by the middle of the year, or mastering a full push up by the end of the month. Or, you could be aiming high and wanting to nail a handstand, or squat 100kgs. Whatever it is you are aiming to do, having a clear end point makes sense of all of the work you are doing to get there. Working out no longer feels a chore when you can see an end point.

This year, after some reviewing, I redefined my own fitness goals. Now that I am getting stronger and have reached some of my initial goals, I will be working towards getting my press hand stand, nailing entirely square front splits, and strengthening my lovely, long hamstrings. With these goals in mind, the 6.00am starts, strenuous 1 minute wall-handstand holds and tedious wrist drills all seem far less arduous.

Having fitness goals makes me excited to work out. Having fitness goals changes my perception of exercise.

After posting some bendy photos on Instagram, I have had a few of my Instagram buddies express how they wished that they too could do the splits. I say the splits is a great fitness goal! The good news is, my friends, that it isn’t too late (or too hard) to learn and smash that goal! Lots of people start their mobility journey in adulthood, and it is always better to start late than never.

To help you guys along (assuming the splits is one of your goals!) I filmed my first ever fitness tutorial, focussed on training yourself into a front split. There are a heap of exercises you can do, each scaled up or down to suit your current flexibility. For the purposes of my first tutorial, I stuck to some relatively simple but effective stretches. These are aimed at those who haven’t forayed too far into the world of flexibility. Repeat these exercises each day, and you will be well on your way to achieving your goal of the splits!

If you like the video and are keen to see more fitness/mobility tutorials let me know in the comments below! My next set of exercises will be working towards a middle split, but I am open to suggestions for more.

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