The Statement Coat – Why You Need One in Your Wardrobe

The perfect statement coat and/or jacket is just as important for your wardrobe as the perfect pair of jeans.


Forever New coat | Cotton On top | Refuge denim shorts from Transit | Quay Kandygram sunglasses | EOS heels


As I continue to build my own collection of coats and jackets, I have learned a few things about outerwear… and not just why it is actually necessary to own some.

A few years ago, if you had have queried me on why I despised winter clothing so much, I would have told you it was because coats and jackets disguise your outfit making it appear as though you are wearing the same thing throughout the whole of winter. Of course, I now realise how misguided I was. A jacket isn’t always just a piece that you throw on and button up over an outfit, nor do they have to be something that pales in comparison to the rest of your outfit. See, I told you I was on quite the learning curve!

As I build my winter wardrobe, and learn to layer like an adult should, the necessity of statement coats and jackets becomes more apparent.

Regardless of whether you are wearing jeans and a white tee or a fun floral dress, upping the outerwear anti with something more interesting than a black mac really makes an outfit. Needless to say, a hot pink coat transforms denim and a tee into something a simple black coat couldn’t. An embroidered jacket over top a printed dress would make the self-confessed minimalists shudder, but it absolutely can be done. Statement coats and jackets, as outlandish and stand-outish as they can be, actually work with more in your wardrobe than you may think. And for the winter-phobes like myself, they ensure your winter outfit is anything but boring and unmemorable.

Whether you believe you can pull a hot pink jacket off or not, a statement coat is a must for every wardrobe. This winter the fashion world is still obsessed with embroidery, so you can start yourself off gently by adding a black leather biker jacket with a touch of embroidery on the back. Or you can go all out (a la Mon) and find a biker in one of the brightest hue possible (more to come on that piece when it arrives!). Every wardrobe needs fun outerwear!

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