Keeping It Colourful For Winter: Shopping Colour In The City Of Perth

Just because the weather turns grey in winter, it doesn’t mean our wardrobe has to too!


1: Forever New coat | Steph Audino top from Hatch in Enex | Gstar Raw jeans | Betts Shoes heels
2: Topshop jumpsuit | Topshop jacket | Wittner (Wesley Quarter) heels
3: Jonte pants from Hatch in Enex | Steph Audino shirt from Hatch in Enex | Wittner (Wesley Quarter) slides | Forever New bag


I have always been an avid campaigner for wearing colourful outfits throughout winter. The gloomy skies, wet sidewalks and empty streets depress me enough, I don’t need to add a complete lack of colour in my wardrobe to the equation. Admittedly, it hasn’t always been easy to find mountains of colourful pieces for sale in the cooler months, but if I can manage to do it, so can anyone else!

This winter, we have hit the jackpot as far as colourful pieces go. Thanks to the slow decay of the minimalism trend, and the rise of what I like to call ‘maximalism’, we are spoilt for choice finding fun pieces to add to our winter wardrobe. Thanks Gucci, you are the real MVP here. Embroidery, velvet, metallics and embellishments are strongly represented this winter (a carry on from spring/summer), and there are red, deep blue, army green and baby pink garments galore.

A cheeky shopping trip in the City of Perth on my lunch break the other day confirmed that we really have no excuse to not be wearing colour this winter.

Keeping it colourful is easy if you go in to winter with a game plan. You don’t have to build your wardrobe up from scratch, just pick a few key pieces you can add to inject a little colour. Then work out which category you fall in to below. Once you have that worked out, it is time to hit the retailers and get shopping!


Do you like your bold pieces over patterns? You may just be a colour blocker.

In a sense, this is one of the easiest ways to add some colour to your winter wardrobe. Using a base of denim or black, you can easily brighten up a look by throwing on a statement coat, a bold lip and a colourful accessory. You have full control over how much colour you want to add to your base, or if you even want to work from a base of black and denim at all (a head to toe colour block is hugely fun!).


I have one word – maximalism.

A statement maker isn’t afraid to wear all of their fun new purchases at once, nor are they afraid to get heads turning. This may not be the place to start if you are just getting yourself confident with colour, but once you have found your footing, it is a fun place to visit! Don’t be afraid to mix unexpected colours, textures and finishes to add interest and individuality to your outfit.


Update your black, grey and white look by throwing in some earthy tones, or even better, some metallics! Camels and browns are a great, warm colour alternative to black and grey if you still want to keep your look a little more low key than flame red and royal blue. They aren’t bright, but they are still fun colours to work with.

Still want a little more wow factor but aren’t too keen on a bright hue? Opt for something metallic instead! Silver and gold go with absolutely anything, so they are really easy colours to add in to your existing wardrobe.

So, if you are up to the challenge of ‘keeping it colourful this winter’, head in to the City of Perth, pay a visit to some of your favourite retailers (and hopefully some you don’t normally go to!) and get colourful!

 Written in collaboration with The City of Perth. All opinions are my own.
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