I Am Back and Talking All Things Yellow!

Is yellow a colour you are game enough to wear? It doesn’t take much more than a little bit of confidence to look great in it…


Dotti jacket | Old skirt | Shakuhachi cami | Betts heels | Vintage bag


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As per usual when I have upcoming travel plans, I go into a crazy frenzy of organisation. I had planned to be on the ball and get some of my draft blog posts scheduled for my time away, but I clearly didn’t come through with the goods. Sorry! I am forever underestimating the amount of time I will spend out and about, and completely over estimating the time I will be allocating to my computer – most of which gets spent sifting through emails, editing posts for Instagram on the go, and pulling images from my camera in to Lightroom.

Anywhoo, now that I am back, the posting schedule will be back to normal, and I have a whole lot of great content from Kuala Lumpur and Taipei to share with you.

I hope you are enjoying my healthy mix of fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle posts. You can be darn certain that this mix going to be maintained! While fashion is my true love (even if I do have a fair aversion to trends!), I love being able to incorporate fashion into the other things I love too. So, as I said, I hope you are enjoying the combination as much as I am! If there is anything you would like to see more of, or would prefer to see less of, please do let me know.

Now, back to my love, fashion

This yellow jacket is no stranger to my blog space, and I can guarantee you it won’t be going anywhere for a long while. It just seems to go with everything. I’ll be honest, the versatility of a cropped, bright yellow biker jacket didn’t come as a complete surprise to me.

Caitlin Moran, author of ‘How to Be a Woman’, is known for saying that all modern women need a pair of yellow shoes in their possession in order to survive. A touch melodramatic (I am sure you will survive without), but all the same, very true. A yellow heel goes with almost anything, and apparently, so does yellow outerwear. Having been familiar with this sentiment before I purchased this jacket, it’s versatility was known to me at the time of purchase. I literally ran from a runway show to go and purchase this jacket straight after because I was that confident in how well it would fit in to my wardrobe.

Is yellow a colour that you would ever expect to be so versatile?

So many people are scared of yellow purely because they don’t believe that it suits their skin tone. Well, I am here to tell you that this simply is not true. Just like any other colour, there are a million and one shades of yellow that you can go with. Some will suit you, some won’t. Obviously some shades of yellow are more versatile than others too, with mustardy yellows perhaps being the most versatile of them all. Neon yellow I would steer well clear of – unless you were wanting to pay homage to the great West Australian ‘High Vis’ fashion. I suspect most people wouldn’t.

Moral of my story: If you haven’t got any yellow in your wardrobe yet, I would get to it stat. Red is currently the new black, and yellow is the new red. Make a bold choice for your winter wardrobe – I dare you!

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