Stepping out of Jeans and in to Something Different

Jeans are without a doubt an essential in everyone’s wardrobe, but wearing them every day throughout winter just isn’t my style…


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Denim jeans are the ultimate winter garment. They look good, they are comfortable, and they are the warmest pair of pants you can actually wear outside the house (because your flogged out tracksuit pants are not acceptable). It really is hard to not favour them when getting dressed in the chill of the morning. Even I find myself reaching for my jeans more often than I would like to. In the name of utilising my wardrobe as I should, and ‘changing it up’, I occasionally have to tell myself to re-evaluate my decision. That can often be hard when jeans are the most practical choice in every sense. I mean, what else ticks all the above boxes?

I gave up on wearing summer skirts with tights years ago, partly because I felt like a school girl, and partly because I find it totally impractical. That meant my only other non-jean option through out winter was pants – and I love them!

To be honest, I don’t think pants get as much attention as they deserve. Social media users seem to love ye old jeans and tee/blouse combo, with less users really backing non-denim options. Yes, I know I said jeans are the ultimate of winter garments. Yes, I know I said jeans are warm and comfortable and versatile. But, variety is also the spice of life. Pants are a great alternative when you are all denim-ed out (yes, it does happen. Trust me).

Regrettably, I don’t have as many pairs of non-denim pants as I would like. I say this about a lot of garments because I indeed feel as though my wardrobe is lacking. Anywhoo, I digress.

I love jazzing up a simple tee or cami – that can often feel too plain with just some jeans – with a fun, printed pant.

A white t-shirt becomes something totally different when taken from being paired with denim to a being paired with a printed pant. You don’t lose all that much in warmth, but you gain a whole other range of styling options. Plus, ditching the denim can make certain circumstances a lot easier and more comfortable. For example, travel.

When I am travelling, I always pack non-denim pants for the commute. I find them way less stifling than a pair of jeans, especially if you are getting off an air-conditioned plane in the tropics. Plus, being flexible, I tend to be most comfortable with my legs crossed, or up on my tray table while I am in transit. From past experience in contorting-my-legs-in-clothing-other-than-leggings, I am very aware that pants move far better than stiff denim does. Your circulation will remain normal at all times.

I know I said jeans are the ultimate winter garment (twice before), but I really do think non-denim pants are on par with – or dare I say, better – than jeans. Variety is my friend, and I just don’t find as much variety in jeans as I do pants.

What is your take on the issue? Are you team jeans or team pants? Perhaps you swing both ways?

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