The Beach and Poolside Essentials You Need To Travel With

Let’s face it, is a holiday really even a holiday if there isn’t sunshine and water involved?


Gypsea Swimwer bikini | House of Holland sunglasses
Photos: Ryan Ammon


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Travelling to tropical, warm destinations is by far my favourite way to holiday. To this day, I have only ever seen snow once in my life. I honestly don’t even know if I will actively put myself in a situation to see it again. The cold is not my friend. Pools, the ocean and cocktails are far more favourable than thermals and snow boots!

With our days currently reaching a max of 18°C (yes, this is still very cold to me!), my mind is wandering to warmer places. I am daydreaming about anywhere warmer than here! If you are one of the lucky ones who remembered to book a holiday somewhere warmer this winter, I have put together a few of my travel ‘must packs’ for the poolside (or beach). I may or not be mentally packing for the holiday that isn’t actually happening.

Anywho, I am never poolside or on the sand without…

A lightweight towel

I have been caught out on the beach without a towel one too many times to not pack one in my luggage. When I was in Thailand, the lure of the vibrant blue and turquoise ocean was far too strong to avoid. We had forgotten to pack towels, but were popping in and out of the water to escape the humidity as we went exploring. It wasn’t pleasant putting our dresses back on over our dripping bathers and bodies, but we had no other option! And no, I was not about to join in the parade of people waltzing about the markets in their speedos and bikinis!

Most hotels provide towels, but you aren’t supposed to take them off to the beach with you. I always pop a lightweight turkish cotton towel into my luggage so I have something to carry around in my tote with me. They roll up quite compact, so they don’t take up too much space in your luggage, and being thinner than other towels, they dry quicker too.

A trusty pair of thongs (or flip flops if you aren’t from Australia)

Normally I am the slide or sandal type, but I get precious about them when it comes to pool water and beach sand. I hate the idea of sliding into my nice leather slides still dripping from my dip. This is where flip flops save the day (and what I believe they were made for). The sole purpose of my rubber flip flops is to get me to and from the beach or the pool. I don’t wear them anywhere else, and I don’t wear anything else when there is the chance I will be getting wet or sandy.

My Havaianas are one of the first things I pack when I know I am holidaying somewhere by the water. They are slimline, good on the scales and as sturdy as all hell. I have owned my two pairs for years now! If you get yourself a pair of Havaianas online, you will be set for pool time for years to come!

A visor

Taking a hat anywhere sunny is a given. I have tried packing a beautiful wide brim into my luggage before, only to find that they are terribly misshapen by the time I arrive at my destination. Straw hats – while an essential part of travel according to Instagram – are so impractical to pack. My choice of hat both at home and on holidays is a visor.

Visors pack into your luggage much easier than a hat with a crown, and they stay put much better. My main gripe with hats is them constantly falling off with even just the slightest of breezes. A visor sits much more snugly on your head, and you can wear your hair tied up under them too (a major selling point for me!).

… and of course a cocktail!

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