Self Confidence – It Is Ok For It To Waver

Learning to be confident in who you are can be a challenge. Having 100% self confidence 100% of the time can be even harder…


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Unbreakable self confidence is something that only a handful of people are born with. For the most of us, being 100% confident in ourselves, 100% of the time, is a big ask. To be honest, I am not even sure that such an unfaltering sense of self worth is actually all that desirable. In many cases, a crazy amount of confidence comes with an air of arrogance too (most often where the individual can’t look at themselves with a critical eye). Now, by no means am I discounting the importance of self confidence – we all owe it to ourselves to love ourselves. Loving and backing who we are is so important, but I don’t think anyone should be afraid of having their weak moments either.

I say this as I am currently going through a bit of a weak moment myself.

It happens cyclically,  I will be going great guns for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden I let my thoughts get to me and bring me down. Thankfully, as I have grown older, I have learned the ability to pinpoint where it is I am letting myself down. This time around, I too have succumbed to the pressures and negative thoughts that arise because of the online world. It is honestly near on impossible to avoid. It is a very real, new age problem that a lot of people come up against. I am human, and I can’t be expected to be perfect. Neither can you.

Anyway, much has been said about Instagram and the way it impacts mental health, so I don’t think I need to go too far into the issue here.

What I do think is important is to understand that we are human and to trip up a little is ok, so long as you get straight back up to soldier on. Sometimes allowing yourself to be vulnerable paves the way for strength and determination to follow. I lie. Being vulnerable but getting back up again always paves the way for strength and determination. They say you have to go through the lows to be able to feel the highs. Don’t be afraid to be human and falter a little, just don’t forget that confidence in yourself altogether.

Just like the clouds that darken an otherwise blue sky, a momentary weakness in confidence will blow over in a flash to reveal your normal, confident self.

Like I said, at no point do I want anyone to believe self confidence is not important – it most definitely is – though having an understanding that we are human, and that we trip up at times, is equally important. It is harmful to beat yourself up for being human and falling down. Allow yourself time to understand what has pulled you down, what is keeping you down (hopefully nothing!) and how to get back up again. Talking from experience, after you decide to pull yourself back up, you will move with more drive, more confidence and more determination.

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