Sunset Views and Sunset Colours

Capturing spectacular sunsets and admiring how amazing nature can be

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The other day I posed a question to my Instagram followers. I wanted to know what they felt when they saw vibrant colours.

It may sound like a weird question, but I had my reasons. I wanted to know if they felt the same emotion that I did when it came to colour? Were they too filled with an incredible, overwhelming sense of joy? I won’t lie, I am the emotional type. I get upset at the drop of a hat (or a sad Disney movie), but it goes the other way and I feel incredible highs too.

Well, the polls are in and it turns out I am alone in that one. I am the one weirdo that gets all sorts of emotional at the sight of a wall of hot pink flowers, the amazing blue ocean and contrasting white sand, and fiery red sunsets. This is surely the reason that it kills me inside to see so many people choosing to grey out the gorgeous colours in the world around them on Instagram.

Nature is so beautiful and colourful, and I clearly derive so much joy from seeing all this gorgeous colour in natural form.

If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing a Perth sunset, here is your first taste. If you have, then you can understand what I am talking about. I got lucky and managed to capture this gorgeous sunset from the rooftop of the Aloft hotel. It was such a spectacular show. As the sun inched closer to the horizon, the whole city was bathed in the most intense, warm golden light. These sorts of sunsets are my absolute favourite; the sunsets where the whole sky turns vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow.

Equally as impressive are our hot pink sunsets. They cast out the most mind boggling pink glow you sometimes must remind yourself are actually real. The fairy floss pink and purple skies are quite common too, but the more vivid shows are really what makes my heart sing. They are the sunsets that see me sit outside in awe until dark falls.

I know it sounds odd, but the crazy colours that nature is capable of producing fill me with endless joy.

So much so, I feel like I could burst. It is well known to behavioural scientists that different colours spark different reactions in our minds. Typically, blue and green are seen to be calming, red is associated with danger and love (no, love isn’t dangerous!), and yellow with joy and happiness. I associate certain colours with different emotions because of the way that I see them around me in nature.

If it makes me joyous to see a blazing red sunset, wearing bright red is going to make me feel the same way. I want to fill my days with these emotions, so I choose to fill them with the colours that emulate that for me.

p.s. I am going to pose that same question to you guys – how does colour make you feel?

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