Why the Slip Dress is The Essential Travel Dress

Once you take a slip dress travelling, you will never look back!


Asha dress | Mango bag | Misano sandals | Quay sunglasses
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It took me a while to pluck up the courage to try on a slip dress once again. They were all the rage this summer just gone, but all I had were horrible memories of trying one on years ago and looking rather like a christmas ham stuffed in a sock. The proportions were all wrong and everything clung to my hips for dear life. It was not a pretty sight.

It took me a while to pluck up the courage again, and even longer to find a slip that suited. There was much doubt, and even more trial and error, but I finally found the perfect cut for my body shape (cheers for the more a-line fit Transit!). With the perfect fit in my possession, the slip dress became my dress of choice throughout summer. It is also one of the first things I pack when I am heading abroad.

Slip dresses are just so gosh darn easy.

The main attraction of the slip dress for travel is it’s effortlessness. Packed in to a suitcase they take up minimal room and, as a part of an outfit, they don’t really need all that much else to go with them. That means more room in your luggage to bring back souvenirs!

A dress is an outfit in itself, so just add a few fun accessories and your outfit is complete! Obviously, my accessories of choice are a silk scarf and a fun bag…

The simple, body skimming cut of a slip dress is perfect for hot climates.

As previously mentioned, the last thing that you want when travelling to a sunny destination is an outfit that clings to you uncomfortably. The heat is hard enough to deal with without the addition of an uncooperative outfit. While in Cambodia, I lived in camisoles and slip dresses (and carried a large scarf to throw over my shoulders when we wanted to go to temples etc). A slinky slip is easy, breezy and as comfortable as you can get in the heat without being in your swimmers.

Ruffles and billowing maxi skirts, while very Instagrammable, are completely impractical when trying to get on a tuk tuk or wander through the back streets of a village. But then again, as practical as it is, not everyone wants to travel in sports shorts and runners.

A slip is my answer to being ‘photo ready’, comfortable and practical all at the same time. Slips are equally as polished as a more elaborate outfit, but miles more convenient. There are no uncomfortable waist ties, annoying details that constantly need re-adjusting, or stifling excess material. Plus, in places like Siem Reap, you don’t really want to be waltzing around in anything too over the top! It isn’t Milano after all…

My battle with the slip dress has now turned in to an undeniable love for the style.

I can’t do summer without them, much less go abroad without packing them! I never thought I would see the day where I actually deemed them an essential.
Are there any garments you swear by when you are off travelling?

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