Up Your Casual Game With A Hint Of Sparkle

When straight out casual isn’t your thing, you can always add a touch of sparkle and shine…


Asha jumpsuit (similar here) | Chambray jacket (similar here) | Wittner slides | Quay Sunglasses | Sequin Backpack


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If you have been known to be a bit extra at times, dressing yourself dead set casual can feel quite under-baked. I will put my hand up for that one. Hard out casual just isn’t my style. Personally, I have issues with presenting myself in something like jeans and a white tee, unless I have a fun coat, something around my neck and a pair of interesting shoes on at bare minimum. Feeling underdone in casual wear can be problematic if you don’t know how to dress up your casuals, or dress down your smarter wear, correctly.

For example, heels at an inappropriate venue is never fun, neither is jumping around at a hip hop gig in a body con, strapless mini. I can’t argue with the desire to look more dressed up, but there are some more clever ways to go about it.

You can dress up your casuals, or dress down your outfit, by using your accessories wisely.

Smart accessorising can make or break your casual outfit.¬†You can immediately smarten up jeans and a sloppy joe with a pair of heels and a big bow in your hair. Reminder: heels are not recommended for festivals and the likes. Lord help me if I see another girl wearing heels at a festival. Sequinned or metallic accessories can help your cause too. They aren’t as OTT as sequinned pants, but they add just the right amount of sparkle to liven up casuals. 95% of the time, the sparkly accessories are really practical too (like this backpack). Heck even chuck on a red lip and you immediately up the ante. A little bit of ‘extra’ doesn’t go astray on casuals.

If you need to take it down a notch, that is easy. I feel like it has been documented a lot with the fashion world’s rekindled and undying love for kicks. Dress your flouncy playsuit down to something more casual with some cons and a leather jacket. Or, throw a denim jacket over top and some cute slides. Trade out those heels you so love and you can still wear a variation of your ‘dressed up outfit’!

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