The Not-So-Simple Grey Sweater

A grey sweater is a wardrobe staple. Not being one to be content with wardrobe staples, I am quite impartial to a plain grey sweater. I like mine ‘spiced up’ with a little something extra…


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I don’t know about you, but I find grey sweaters a bit naff. They are essential to own – like a white t-shirt and a good pair of denim jeans – but, for the most part, I am bored by them. They just don’t seem to have any personality, much less when they are worn with a basic outfit. Look, there is nothing wrong with a simple grey sweater, but the simple grey sweater just doesn’t do anything for me. Fair enough if you swear by them – each to their own – I personally don’t. Leave it to me to feel that way about the simple garments!

Just like with all other ‘staple’ pieces, I enjoy finding something that fits the brief as a staple, but also has an interesting element to it. It has to tick both the practicality and personality boxes. Over-sized pockets, an interesting texture or a knotted back – whatever the detail, I welcome it. I appreciate anything that elevates a piece from seemingly stock standard (again, nothing wrong with it) to interesting.

You may have noticed that 100% simplicity is not my style.

While minimalism was all the rage a year ago, I wasn’t interested. I never have been. Basics don’t really speak to me – in fact, most of my basics aren’t 100% basic. My grey jumpers all come with a side of pom pom, elbow patch or extreme bagginess. With the addition of this jumper, I can add a side of backlessness too! Although not entirely practical when the temperature drops really low, the open back is fun design feature. It is the one thing that convinced me to purchase it. The open back adds that little something extra to what would have essentially just been a plain grey jumper otherwise.

These extra little details in a garment are what sets them apart from all other garments of the same ilk. Plus, it gives you an excuse as to why you own so many ‘grey jumpers’ or ‘white blouses’! Of course you need 5 of essentially the same thing – when you look more closely, they are all so different! And, personally, I love a little surprise in a more simple garment!

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