Red Accessories Are The Colour Injection Your Wardrobe Needs

Can’t commit to a huge amount of red? Try some red accessories – they pack more punch than you would expect!


Runway Scout jumper | Skirt from Thailand | Bvlgari sunglasses from Vision Direct | Betts heels | Vintage bag


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Red is the colour du jour. Last year, dusty pink very quickly overtook the black and white heavy wardrobes of self-confessed monochrome lovers. Now red is seeing a very similar rise to popularity.

The ease in which you can find red pieces these days is cause for rejoice! It was never the easiest hue to come by, with only a few stores bothering to produce pieces in the bright colour. As someone who can’t wear dusty pink without looking all shades of ill, I am glad to see a more warm, statement making hue, more readily available.

As is common when it comes to bolder colours, there seems to be a certain amount of hesitation to jump in head first. Understandably so. It can be daunting throwing a huge amount of bold colour on when you aren’t accustomed to doing so.

Bold red coats and dresses aren’t necessarily as easy to adopt as those in a blush hue; so red accessories are a good place to start.

I have always sung the praises of red lipstick. It is the finishing touch that a lot of looks can benefit from. Honestly, the difference it can make is mind boggling. But again, not everyone is convinced by red lips (my mother being one of them). If you side with my mother and prefer to forgo the red lips; a red bag, belt, shoes or sunglasses can offer a healthy injection of the hue.

These red Bvlgari sunglasses from Vision Direct are the third pair of red frames I have added to my wardrobe. Red bags and heels are piling up quickly too. My red garments? Well, they are out of control! They may seem to be a lesser contributor to an outfit, but there should be no underestimating the impact the pop of a red accessory can have. A well matched red accessory can pack just as much punch as a red garment, with far less commitment to the hue.

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