Trust In Your Own Personal Style

Personal style is called ‘personal style’ for a reason – it is individual to you and you only.


Asha cami | Supre cardigan | The Fifth Label skirt | Betts heels | Zara bag | Quay sunglasses


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I own many garments that once divided opinions. They are the pieces that people screwed their noses up at when I excitedly sent links through for ‘thoughts?? xoxo‘. I was head over heels for them, but apparently nobody else was. Once upon a time it did upset me a little, and I would question my taste and sense of style. Was my judgement really that far off the mark?

This silver skirt got called ‘an al-foil craft project’, this jumpsuit was deemed as incredibly risqué and probably not something with a good dollar-per-wear ratio, and this oversized cardigan gets called a blanket (namely by the older folk and men) all the time. Clearly, on these occasions, I went with my gut and still purchased the pieces regardless of outside opinion.

And didn’t I prove the non-believers wrong?!

The al-foil skirt and ‘terrible investment of a jumpsuit’ are two of my favourite pieces I own, and have consequently both been worn ample times. Coincidentally, they are also two garments that people always stop me in my tracks to comment on. And, while this cardigan might look like a blanket to some, most people still want to know where they can get one. Although my opinion bounce boards once thought these pieces were a ‘no’, once I owned them and donned them, it changed the scenario completely.

If you love it, you will own your love for it. If you own your love for it, you will rock it. Rock it and you will make people fall in love with it.

A garment isn’t just made up of the physical materials. A garment is also all about the personality that you bring to it. Clothing can look entirely different on the racks, online or even on somebody else – it is your own unique personality and style that will dictate how it will look on you. Even if your friends and family hate the idea of something at first, you have to trust your gut that you know your own style. You know what is going to look good on you.

The pieces I immediately fell in love with and bought without hesitation are the hero pieces in my wardrobe. None of them have been ‘on trend’, and that is how I know they were real winners. They were pieces I purchased because they fit my personal style to a tee. Nobody was influencing me and telling me that is what the fashion world was currently loving. I trusted my gut instinct and purchased based on what I loved, not on what other people thought. We are the only ones who truly know our own personal style, so we have to trust ourselves that we are making the right choices!

Go ahead, give it a go next time. Buy something you love, without asking anyone else’s opinion first. Trust your own sense of style.

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