When It Comes To Colours And Colour Combos, There Are No Rules

It used to be ‘blue and green could not be seen without a colour in between’, but in today’s day and age, that adage couldn’t be more wrong.


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The way I see it, colour – and the art of mixing colours – have no rules. People once cringed at the thought of wearing pink and red, but now it is one of the hottest colour combos out. And we all know the story of blue and green. They definitely lied when they said they can’t be seen without a colour in between. These days, there are no rules to abide by when it comes to mixing colours.

The success of colour combos does not lie in the rules, it lies in the eye of the colour mixer.

Some of my favourite outfits (both on myself and on others) have been ones in which a totally unexpected mix of colours occurs. Even colour combos that should look like a national flag are winners when done right. Obviously some combinations are easier to work with than others, but most of them are totally workable.

The only ‘rule’ you should follow when looking to try new colour combos is: there are no rules.

Play around, have fun and remember that whatever works for you, works! Theoretically, the idea of seeing mustard and hot pink together is not a good one. It actually sounds like a terrible idea. But, despite everything pointing to it being a potential disaster, I gave it a go. As it turned out, it wasn’t half bad. Balanced with more neutral pieces (yes, denim is neutral), the unexpected colours aren’t too overwhelming and dominant.

If you want to make the most of your wardrobe, I would highly suggest getting creative with colour combos. You can find so many more outfits from the pieces you already own if you are a little more open to experimentation!

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