The Happiest Yellow Skirt On Earth

You just can’t help but twirl and smile in this bright yellow beauty…


Zara top | Little Gracie skirt | Betts heels | Bvlgari sunglasses | Vintage bag


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I challenge you to name a colour that is happier than yellow. Bright, fun and very much attention grabbing, it is hard to ignore the happy vibes that surround the colour. While I have found myself gravitating to the hue a lot of late, it isn’t a colour I have ever really shied away from. When I think about it, I have always been proud to rep a bit of bright yellow!

Around half of the yellow pieces that currently take up residency in my wardrobe were purchased in my early 20s. A yellow leather skirt, a sunflower emblazoned dress and this tiered skirt all found a place in my heart some five or so years ago. They may not have been trendy at the time, but they caught my eye and appealed to me. And when have I ever been one to live by the trends? Each of those pieces have stood the test of time and have remained hanging in my wardrobe since then.

At least 5 years after I purchased this skirt from a local designer, I am still wearing it with pride.

I may have turned 27 today, but growing older won’t stop me from wearing tier upon tier of bright yellow ruffle!In fact, I can’t think of a better skirt to wear to celebrate my birthday/week/month. 27 is just a number, and age is just a number we attach to ourselves; but fun, stand out pieces define who I am.

It is a skirt that perfectly embodies what a celebration is all about – joy! You can’t help but smile at it’s bright golden ruffles.

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