Celebrating The Spring Sunshine And That Holiday Feeling

A yellow, off shoulder, ruffle edged dress is spring personified. It couldn’t be more spring, summer or holiday worthy if it tried…


Little Lace dress | EOS heels | Thrifted clutch | Bvlgari sunglasses

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The sunshine and spring weather brings out the ruffle-lover in us all. There is no denying it. Something about warmer days just begs for flouncy silhouettes, flitty material and lively hues – none of which are lacking in this little number, might I add.

Personally, I find dressing for this sort of weather is always more inspired. Waking up to a blue sky always sets the tone for the day, and the sunshine immediately instils a smile. There is so much more fun to be had getting dressed in spring/summer. Flicking through my wardrobe is actually an enjoyable affair. I get far more excited about pulling a flouncy dress out of my wardrobe than I do jeans and a heavy knit. And let’s not even go there with coats, scarves and beanies.

The whimsy lacks in winter dressing, and that lack of lightness really irks me. Granted, the aim is to stay warm above everything else, but winter clothing is just so heavy and uninspiring. Fun details get lost under the same few coats and jackets I have in my wardrobe, and I just feel bulky.

Spring and summer style on the other hand… there is no shortage of whimsy there. Backlessness, off shoulder, slinky spaghetti straps – you name it, spring/summer will bring it. Lighter materials mean lighter styles. Brighter skies and moods mean brighter hues. It is by far the most uplifting time in the fashion calendar. Spring and summer collections make me feel as though I am on holiday every day.

And who doesn’t want that?

Who doesn’t want the same light, joyous feeling that comes with vacationing, every single day? I know I crave it, and when I do find what gives me that feeling, I reap it for all it is worth. The summer fashion that gives me that holiday feeling, definitely gets its run for its money.

A summer holiday isn’t supposed to be complicated, and summery outfits shouldn’t be either. It is a carefree time, full of carefree outfits. The same, flouncy dress you wore out to brunch can just as easily be worn at an evening cocktail party with a simple switch up of accessories. Your summer wardrobe (or suitcase for that matter) needn’t be bulky, just full to the brim with personality packed outfits. And lets face it, a designer’s summer collections always seem to have way more of that. More colour, more frill and much less bulk.

A little summer dress can say so much, without actually being all that much at all. They are the perfect representation of the mood that the sunshine, blue skies and warm weather sets. In case you can’t tell yet, I am beyond excited for more of these days, and for more opportunities to wear fun little extensions of my personality and mood!

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