Perth’s Best Rooftops

When the sun comes out to play, you are sure to find a city-dwelling heliophile perched atop an urban rooftop…

Read on for some of my favourite Perth rooftops to explore!



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There is something so calming about being perched above street level. You can still watch all the action on the street from above, without being completely embroiled in the hustle and bustle of it all. You can literally be an eye in the sky.

When the sun comes out to play, you can either find me soaking up the rays at the beach, wandering around Hyde Park, or at any one of these urban rooftop spaces.

The Alex Hotel

I come back to the Alex Hotel‘s rooftop time and time again. Obviously. It is where I shot this set of images, and this one too. It is relatively bare up there, with nothing more than a few outdoor settings, bar carts and pot plants dotted around the place. But, the view is spectacular. It isn’t often you get to see the Perth City skyline from the northern side; and at the moment, those northern views from The Alex go uninterrupted.

As far as I know, the rooftop is only open to guests of the hotel, or if you are attending an event that is being held up there. If you do want to enjoy some wine and a sunset from the rooftop, it is the perfect excuse to book an overnight staycation!

Connections Nightclub

As the name suggests, the Connections terrace is only open at night. But, on a summer’s night, it is one of the most beautiful spots to be! The nightclub downstairs can get a bit sweaty, so having an open air space just up the stairs was a smart move by Connections. Again, being on the northern side of the city means a gorgeous, uninterrupted view of the illuminated city skyline.

It may not be the quietest of evening drinks, but if you are up for somewhere with a vibrant atmosphere, the Connies rooftop is a whole lot of fun!

Rendezvous Hotel

Once again, I am fairly certain the rooftop spaces at Rendezvous Hotel in Scarborough are only accessible to guests/event attendees, but I just had to include them! Rendezvous is right across the road from Scarborough beach, so you can only imagine the views you get from being a few stories up. The pool deck is on level 10 and has the most incredible views. I could sit there with a cocktail, watching the waves roll in all day. There is also an observation deck all the way up on level 34. The views from here are seemingly endless!

Aloft Perth

I would never have expected a spectacular rooftop from a venue somewhere in Rivervale. Needless to say, Aloft‘s rooftop completely blew my mind!

From the very top of the hotel, you can see right out to the coast to the west, and out in to the hills to the east. You can even trace the snaking river through a number of different suburbs. The rooftop itself is quite bare for the time being, but it doesn’t need much when the view is as good as it is. I was in luck the night I visited, and managed to catch the most incredible sunset from up in the sky!

The only downside is that this amazing space is only accessible from the ballroom. If the ballroom is in use, you won’t be able to access it!

Mechanics Institute

Mechanics Institute is a Perth institution. Very much a summer destination, their rooftop makes up more than half of the entire bar space. I have spent numerous summer days up here sipping on tequila and fresh apple, soaking up the rays. If you can manage to snag the table right at the top of the deck, you also get the views down on to William St. While it isn’t as special as The Alex’s view, it a view all the same. At least you can hang out up here, in the sunshine, any time you please! (Bonus points: they are happy to tailor a cocktail to suit your tastes) 

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