Worldy Fashion: Collecting Pieces To Remind You Of Your Travels

Arriving home from a holiday without some sort of souvenir seems a crime. My choice? A wearable memoir of my time abroad.

H&M coat | Saskia playsuit | Zu heels | Vintage bonnet


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Despite almost filling my suitcase to the brim before I have even left Australia (a girl needs options!), I always make an effort to purchase clothing and/or accessories wherever I travel. I will cram my suitcase shut and wear 50 layers on the plane home if necessary.

I’ve never really been one for spending my dollars on cheesy fridge magnets, bottle openers or gimmicky landmark figurines. The idea of purchasing needless, branded ‘stuff’ doesn’t bode so well with me. Clearly, spending money on all things sartorial is an idea I entertain. I love coming home with my own usable unique piece of my destination; something I will wear, cherish and have fond memories from. Collecting pieces I treasure from around the world has made for a very colourful wardrobe (in both the figurative and literal sense).

Coming home from Cambodia recently, I brought with me a traditional farmers hat, a straw bag and an embroidered clutch. When we were in Thailand a few years back, I picked up a little Burberry-esque playsuit and a blue checkered maxi from the markets. One of my favourite overseas purchases would have to be a peridot green YSL Arty ring, from YSL in Paris (which I have since sold to a more loving home).

I have always loved collecting wearable pieces from other countries.

My very first overseas venture was to see mum’s family in Mauritius when I was in year 12 (2007). That trip saw me come back to Australia with the most incredible hot pink, embroidered silk dress, and a bright red, cropped, faux-leather bomber jacket. As a 16 year old hailing from a beachside town, they weren’t the most obvious sartorial choice. But, I very obviously had my own sense of style. I didn’t care what was cool and what wasn’t, I thought my dress and jacket were amazing and I wore them until they were bust. I still miss them to this day.

Of all the places to find amazing clothing, Mauritius was last on my list.

Especially back in 2007. A small tropical island with roots in the sugar cane industry isn’t exactly the first place you would think to look for anything more than your stock standard ‘market clothing’. In 2017, if you happen to find yourself in Mauritius (I won’t pretend I am not envious) you should definitely be┬ákeeping your eyes peeled for little local labels…

Saskia is a label I have been lucky to discover through fellow Mauritian Nadine (of The Essentialist blog). While the label wasn’t about when I was in Mauritius 10 years ago, owning a Saskia piece makes up for the fact the items I purchased there 10 years ago are no longer. Hand made by Saskia Pougnet and her team on the island, the label’s understated elegance so perfectly captures the ‘resort life’ vibe of seaside Mauritius; an atmosphere I remember all too well.

Despite not actually picking this playsuit off the rack in Port Louis or Flic En Flacq myself, adding it to my wardrobe only adds to the worldly story of my wardrobe. I love knowing that I have a little bit of homegrown and home sewn talent from my mum’s country hanging in amongst my collection. Now I just need to get back to Mauritius myself to hand pick even more to add to the story!

What are some of your treasured pieces from overseas?

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