The Silk Cami: The Trend That Never Dies

The resurgence of 90s fashion brought it back in, and the silk cami (or satin cami) hasn’t yet made it’s way back out.


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The most recent 90s revival saw chokers, slip dresses and vampy lipstick become pop culture once again. So too was silk, Dr Martins and the spaghetti strap. Some of the 90s fashion I can happily pass on, but the spaghetti strap and the silk cami have become a bit of an obsession of mine. Thankfully, I can’t see them going anywhere too soon.

Courtesy of the millennial’s obsession with the Jenner and Hadid clans, ‘effortlessly sexy’ is the style du jour. When I say ‘effortlessly sexy’, I mean ‘repurposing things reminiscent of your pyjamas and house clothes’, or ‘making the mundane desirable again’.

Matching tracksuits (which – might I add – I wore 15 years ago in the Paris Hilton x Nicole Richie days. There was far less emphasis on sexy back then though, and more of a focus on hot pink velour) are probably never going to be my cup of tea ever again. Well, not until I join the local bowls club anyway. But the effortlessly sexy, slinky, silk cami? That I will wear for years to come.

A silk cami adds a little bit of glamour to any outfit.

And that is why the silk cami is set to be a trend that never dies. So far, we haven’t seen it retreat from the market, and I really don’t think consumers will ever stop demanding them!

With very little effort, you can put together an outfit that is both sexy and chic. A silk cami isn’t flashy, it isn’t showy, and it adds just the right amount of class (provided it isn’t too¬†skimpy). The ultra-flattering thin straps slim down the top half; and the fluid movement of the silk skims the body in all the right places. They do all the things you want a garment to do for your body.

Tucked in to high waisted pants, thrown over a pair of denim shorts, or worn over a white tee – a silk cami is the chameleon of the wardrobe. It can be almost anything. More often than not, I find myself reaching for a cami instead of a tee, purely for the relative ease and versatility.

I love the barely there feeling of spaghetti straps; and the feeling of not having to wear a bra (of course. When do I wear a bra?!). For the bigger busted ladies, or those who just don’t want to go sans bra under a cami, a slightly thicker strapped one like this is perfect to hide bra straps under.

Versatile, flattering and comfortable, they are as easy as a simple white cotton tee. Yep, the silk cami is definitely one trend that will never die. Do you think it will go anywhere?

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