How To Wear A Trend When You Don’t Do Trends

There is one thing that someone who doesn’t often buy in to trends needs to know about how to wear a trend…


Zaful gingham twin set | Quay sunglasses | Thrifted bag | Ebay scarf | EOS heels


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Buying in to trends comes with associated risks, the biggest of which being their sometimes fleeting nature. As Heidi Klum says, ‘one day you are in, and the next day you are out’. There is no guessing how long a trend will stick around for, nor how long the trend pieces you purchased will remain hot tickets in your wardrobe.

Some trends stay localised, manifesting themselves through a select portion of Instagram influencers only; others permeate through from luxury brands, to high street and discount department stores – not without the help of social media of course. If individuality is of high importance to you, seeing a certain look splashed around so liberally might put you off the idea of an outfit or garment altogether.

There are many reasons why buying in to trends might not be your thing, but it doesn’t mean you need to avoid them forever.

For someone who claims to not buy in to trends, I own a surprising number of pieces with trend elements. Gingham, metallic, slip dresses; you name it, I own them. Why do I own so much ‘of the now’ when I don’t do trends? Simple.

The key is: I only buy in to trends when they fit in with me. My trend based purchases are very considered, and always fit in with my style and personality.

I swore to myself I would never purchase gingham after seeing it splashed about everywhere this autumn. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it was just that everyone had the same black gingham top, and black gingham just isn’t me. Then I found yellow gingham. If this blog post – and this blog post too – are anything to go by, I think yellow may well be my favourite colour. As soon as I found this set, I was sold. Not necessarily because it was gingham, but because it was ‘me’.

If you don’t do trends, find something familiar – something you love – within a trend, and see if that sways your opinion.

Rather than letting a trend itself guide your purchases, let the things you love dictate what you hand over the card for. Incidentally, you might just see yourself in some of the seasons hottest looks. Unplanned, of course. You can still ‘do a trend’, but do it in your own, personal way. This is the key to guaranteed longevity of a trend within your wardrobe; and it also ensures element of individuality is maintained, despite every girl and her ‘it’ bag wearing it! 

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