How To Unwind ‘Mon’ Style

The stresses of the day all melt away with a little bit of sun(set/rise), sea and shiraz…

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As the weather has started to get warmer and clearer (with the exception of this past week), I have found myself at the beach on many occasion. Sometimes I drive down in the early morning to start the day with some fresh air and a clear mind; and often I will end the day watching the sunset from the sand. After a particularly rough day, nothing calms me more than to be by the ocean, watching the horizon slowly change colour.

Some people like to unwind through meditation and yoga, others a hard session at the boxing ring. Me? I like to unwind at a quite spot on the beach, with a glass of wine in hand.

It has always been said that salt water – tears and the ocean – help to heal everything.

I was brought up in an Italian-Mauritian household on the beach. We were always outfishing, camping and 4 wheel driving. Oh, and we were always around wine. It is no guessing where my love of the outdoors or red comes from! To me, these things are nostalgic and comforting;and I know I share that opinion with both of my parents.

After a long day, we love nothing more than unwinding on the beach with a glass of wine. It is almost as if the sound of the ocean drowns out the sound of your mind; and as if the ebb and flow of the water washes all that stress away.

During a rough 9 days back in my home town, I managed to find a much-needed 15 minutes of solace by the beach with my dad. It was almost as if mother nature knew exactly what we needed. We were treated to the calmest ocean I have seen in a long time, an incredibly misty sunset and a fantastic drop of red (although we can’t give mother nature the credit for that). Nothing quite compares to the calm and enjoyment that that 15 minutes brought us, especially in such an uneasy time.


























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