Why Being By The Beach Will Always Feel Like Home

As the weather fines up, the amount of beach photos coming from this account is on the rise. I can’t help it. The beach is where I feel most at home.


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The salty air and sound of crashing waves is cleansing and comforting for most everyone, but even more so for me.

For 10 years of my life I lived in a seaside home, in a seaside city (borderline town). On a still night, I could hear the sound of the waves crashing from over the fence and across the neighbours block. The sea breeze would rattle my window, and after a wild night in winter we would even find sea foam in our garden. I got accustomed to dropping down for a quick early morning, pre-school dip in summer, and I remember coming home to freshly cooked whiting that dad had caught off the sand that very same day. It was like my entire childhood revolved around the ocean.

Now, in the 10 years since leaving my childhood home, trips to the coast bring about a warm sense of nostalgia. It’s the first place I run when I’m having a bad day or feeling low.

The city may be where I physically reside, but the beach will always feel like home.

Naturally, I gravitate towards anything that gives me a reason to be by the water.

Coastal or island holidays? You bet that is the only thing I think about when someone mentions the word ‘vacation’. Yoga by the beach, sunset drinks at Odyssea or even just a quick coffee stop at The Shorehouse on the coast before work; they are all my idea of a perfect break in daily routine. I want to be involved in anything that allows me to breathe the salty air, and catch a glimpse of the sparkling blue – just like I had when I was growing up. Anything that brings back that warm, nostalgic sense of home.

Now that the weather is fining up here in Perth, you will be privy to much more beachside imagery from me. In fact, it has already started over on Instagram. Although I live a 30 minute drive from my favourite beaches, I still make the time to get down there as often as I can. Fortunately, I have the ability to shape my work around play and play around work. Needless to say, that means a lot of my days end up being spent in a cafe by the beach, on the sand, or somewhere with ocean views. Anywhere that I can be that makes me feel right at home, I will be there (most likely with my laptop, camera and tripod too)!

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