Florals For Spring: It May Not Be Groundbreaking, But It Is Unavoidable

Florals for spring may be incredibly cliché, but it is totally unavoidable. Spring is the season of new life and blooms, and it makes sense to be wearing them in celebration!


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Much to Miranda Preistly’s disdain, floral prints are inescapable in the season of flourishing blooms. We, as creatures of habit and comfort, can’t dissociate the two; and for once, I don’t see issue in people thinking inside the box on this one.

It just makes sense to be wearing something so quintessentially ‘spring’ when you are right in the depths of it. Just as faux fur and boots a must in winter, so to are florals in spring.

If it isn’t a sartorial floral choice, it is the real deal. Well, it was about adorning yourself with the real deal until floral wreaths became inextricably linked to hens days and baby showers. Nevertheless, you just can’t escape the lure of a good bloomin’ print.

The sight of a thriving bed of flowers is so uplifting, and wearing a pretty outfit covered in blooms has much the same effect. Although it can be a tricky print to get right, you can stay out of nanna territory by following a few key rules when purchasing something floral. As my understanding of the print goes, the larger the scale of the florals, and the more colourful they are, the safer you will be. Nothing wishy washy and small, or reminiscent of the floral print on your grandma’s night dress.

So far following my own rule has come up trumps for me. And adding in a clause to buy all of the things that look like my Grandad’s oh so 70’s curtains (I currently have way too many retro floral pieces waiting in my shopping cart) has worked even better (you may remember this skirt? That is pretty curtain like too).

How do you wear your florals? Do you go for bolder prints or are you a magician who somehow makes smaller florals work?
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