How To Dress Like You Are On Holiday Every Day

If you can’t actually be on holiday, bring that holiday feeling to where ever it is that you are!


Saskia dress | Spurr heels | Vintage bag | Vintage scarf


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In the absence of any physical travel at this point in time, there is a gaping travel-sized void in my heart; made worse by the fact my partner is currently off galavanting at London Cocktail Week. They always say to fake it until you make it, so if I can’t actually be away somewhere, I will damn well do my best to make it feel like a holiday at home. Road trips back to my home town, regular beach visits, sunshine filled lunches and holiday-esque outfits seem to be doing the trick… only just.

If you too are feeling a heavy heart due to lack of holidays, try dressing to my little guide below to add some holiday vibes to your day! Trust me, it definitely perks you up!

Pick something with ruffles

It is almost like there is an unspoken rule about ruffles and vacation or resort wear. Is resort wear even resort wear without a ruffle or a frill? Probably, but you get my point. It is almost physically impossible to pack a suitcase without one single ruffled inclusion; hence my firm stance on ruffles being synonymous with holidays. They are just so fun and care-free!


Up the saturation 100%

Bin the black and don some colour. Well, don’t bin it, but keep it aside for those non-holiday vibe/boring corporate days.

Whenever I think of being on holiday, I envisage being somewhere with turquoise water, blue skies and palm trees. Generally these destinations are not only tropical in climate and nature, but in the colours of their buildings, furnishings and clothing too. If you really want to feel like you are heading off to your favourite beach bar overseas, throw on a healthy dose of colour (print is encouraged too)!

Go against the urge to wear something structured

As I have mentioned before, warm climates and fitted, structural or heavier pieces are the most impractical things to wear in a tropical climate. Light, breezy materials, and cuts with flow and movement are ideal on summer holidays. Bonus points if there is backlessness or a low v-neck thrown in the mix too. Replicate that carefree, holiday attitude in a relaxed, carefree fit.

Add fun accessories

To me, this is the key to dressing like you are on holiday.

A part of culture and traditional dress in many countries, head scarves and turbans make fun additions to any holiday outfit. Tying them in your hair in your own fashion not only finishes off an outfit, but helps to keep your hair off your face, and safe from blowing all over the place. If you use a large enough scarf, it can also double as a shoulder cover should you run in to a bit of dress code trouble. Add a raffia or basket bag and some oversized sunglasses, and you have hit peak holiday accessorising.

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