Millennial Pink – The World Is Obsessed. Me? Not So Much…

It is the shade of pink that has the heart of even the most anti-feminine, but millennial pink just doesn’t do it for me.


Asha top | Saskia shorts | Wittner sandals | Bag from Bali | Oh My Gum earrings


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There are some things in the world that you just know you shouldn’t wear; crocs and socks, those ridiculous g-string jeans and shorts that look more like your underwear, just to name a few. I can personally add millennial pink to that black list. I know, I am an anomaly.

Loved by minimalists, maximalists, men, women, children and Gary the next door neighbour, millennial pink is considered to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing colours in fashion and home design. I get it, it isn’t like I don’t think it is really pretty too. It is just that when I decide to don the hue, it does little more for me than make me look like I should be curled up in bed, sleeping off whatever bug I caught. I think that is reason alone to declare millennial pink unwearable.

Stand in front of it in a different shade of pink? Sure. But wear it? I absolutely can not.

Millennial pink (or any pastel or muted colour for that matter) just doesn’t do this olive skin of mine any favours. But to be honest, I don’t really mind. There are plenty of other shades of pink to enjoy in the world (read: anything not baby pink or bandaid colour). Plus, I don’t so much mind missing out on millennial pink when I am #blessed to have skin that compliments hot pink, red and bright shades of yellow.

So no matter how much I try to join in on obsessing over this hue, I am afraid I can’t. But watching everyone finally come around to a typically feminine colour is almost just as good. While everyone else obsesses over the pretty pastel, I will continue my love affair with brighter, deeper pinks. I will let you all have this one (wink wink).

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