Want To Get To Know Me Better? How About Some Random Facts?

Social media is so often used as a veil – as a way to construct a persona and a life that you think people want to see. Well, I am taking down that veil with some random facts that you probably didn’t know about me…


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Social media has managed to creep right up there under my skin. While it is something that it is essential to be across in this industry, I make a conscious effort to switch off from it. Seeing such a physical standard, so many similarities in curation, and the same sort of ‘people pleasing’ work day in and day out gets to me. I find myself really craving normality and genuine hang outs with non-social-media friends, just so I can escape the never ending (and damaging) game that is Instagram. Fact.

For this reason, I made a pact to myself to keep trying to post the things I want to post, at times that suit me, with captions that I think speak a lot about my personality. Not that anything has changed though, I have always been like that. Being open about myself on the blog and socials was always something I took pride in, but I can guarantee that there are still a lot of things that you don’t know about me. So, in the spirit of removing that veil and keeping it real, here are some random facts about me that I am willing to bet you had no idea about!

~ I moved out of home at the age of 17 and haven’t ever moved back.

In today’s day and age, 17 is an incredibly young age to move out of home. Heck, I have acquaintances that still live with their parents! Admittedly, I did have to leave my family home in pursuit of further education, but I honestly think it was the best thing that I ever did. Sure, I may have had some help from mum and dad in times of need, but I have never ever gone back. Now I am definitely an advocate for teens moving out as soon as they finish high school too.

~ Speaking of teens, I am sort-of-kind-of-maybe a ‘step mum’ to a 15 year old.

I absolutely deplore the word ‘step mum’ in this context, but what else do people use to denote the relationship between someone and their partner’s child (no, seriously, someone tell me because I need to know!)? And yes, I know this now brings up a lot of questions about how old I am and how old my partner is. Let’s just say that there is about an equal age gap between his daughter, me and him!

~ My first overseas trip was 10 years ago; back to my mum’s home island of Mauritius.

It was the most amazing experience, and I am secretly stoked to say that I have been to an island that 50% of the people that I speak to didn’t even know existed. My next trip overseas was the year later, when I was still 17. I had been living in Perth for 6 months, and my gorgeous Grandad somehow managed to convince mum and dad that they should let me go on the Euro trip I so badly wanted to go on! Unfortunately, my Grandad also passed while I was on that trip. Incredibly, my mum was super strong and managed to keep it from me until I got home, so I could finish the trip that my Grandad fought for me to go on.

~ I can’t deal with mushy fruits.

I will literally eat pears that snap when you bite in to them. Anything a touch softer and it is as good as spoiled for me. I am the exact same with plums, nectarines and even bananas (if I really have to eat a bloody banana that is). It all has to be on the green side if I am to enjoy it. Oh, but mangos and avocado absolutely cannot be hard! What a double standard.

~ I lose it if you hang out the washing with 2 different pegs, or if you leave a gap between each item you have hung out.

I really wish I was that anal about the organisation of my room, because I am absolutely not. If I could show you my floordrobe without dying of embarrassment, I would.

For some reason, I just get incredibly uncomfortable if you don’t keep order on the washing line. When my brother and I had chores to do as kids, I would always take over the washing (and he would do the dishwasher loading and unloading) just so I didn’t have to look at his gappy, non-coordinated hanging! So OCD!

~ I got 100% in my very first ballet exam.

Admittedly, I was 13 and I was doing Grade 3 RAD (most other Grade 3 students are half that). But, it was my first ever year of ballet, so I was exceedingly proud of myself. From there I jumped up to Grade 5, then on to pre-elementary (now known as intermediate foundation), elementary (foundation) and advanced foundation. Essentially, I slipped right in to where I should have been at my age! Although I was a natural at ballet, contemporary was definitely my forte.

~ I used to wear my mum’s size 7 shoes when I was in high school, but I now take a size 6

Go figure? Have shoe sizes changed like clothing sizes? Or did I shrink?

~ I didn’t eat chocolate until I was in year 11.

When I was really young, we were road tripping up to Geraldton in dad’s non-airconditioned troopie.¬†Because I had been reading in the back of the car, I was feeling fairly nauseous as it was. Then, my brother decided to open his melty Freddo Frog. Oh my word, I have never felt so sick in my life. Since that moment, even the smell of chocolate reminded me of that nauseated feeling, and I was off it for years and years! I always remember everyone telling me how lucky I was was that I wasn’t tempted to eat chocolate, but as if I wasn’t making up for that in all the other naughty treats I could actually eat?!¬†

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