Red: How to Wear it With More Than Just Black and White

A colour combination as old as time, black, white and red is a safe choice. Push the boundaries a little and try red with something different…



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As the colour du jour, there is no escaping red this season. Unlike the winter reds, this season’s hues aren’t in the wine, burgundy or purple territory; instead we are seeing an abundance of true, tomato red (yay!). Even the cynics have been converted. The most devout followers of the minimalist black, white, denim and millennial pink palette, have all adopted pops of the hue.

And, for good reason. It is the colour of love, courage and vibrance (and also danger and blood, but lets ignore the nasty associations); and it is energetic, powerful and courageous. It just makes you feel damn good wearing it. Nobody cowers in the corner in a bold, red accented (or drenched) outfit.

Easier to incorporate into your wardrobe than you may think, garments and accessories in red are really versatile purchases. And no, it doesn’t work just with plain black and white. It works with almost anything you want it to, even combinations that theoretically sound absurd.

Below are just a few fun red colour combos you can try to get you started on the bandwagon.


It is a combo almost as iconic as black, white and red. Almost as iconic, but most definitely equally as striking. Favoured by Zanita Whittington – who substitutes black for blue as her neutral – the trio of colours is an easy one to branch out in to if you are a staunch black, red and white fan.

For most people, this means a simple base of denim and a white tee, accented with a pop of red in their shoes, bag, accessories or outerwear. If you are more daring, try blocks of electric blue, tomato red and crisp white.


A little more eccentric than pairing red with black or blue, pink sounds like it should be a total disaster with red. Incredibly, the pairing works extremely well! Even without a healthy amount of white to break it all up, pink is a great compliment to red.

Hot pink makes a solid statement, while dusty pink (a pink closer to tan than ice cream pink) acts almost as a neutral against such a bold colour. Throw in a little orange and you have a pretty rainbow of close hues!


Despite its association with Christmas, Italian flags and a real life tomato, a red and green combo is surprisingly chic. Aesthetically speaking, this is one of my favourite colour combinations using the hue – I just need more green in my wardrobe to be able to give it a crack!

Green is a colour on the up in the fashion world, so try throwing some in with the current colour crush to be super fashion forward. Break up solid block colours with some prints and white accents to help soften the overall look.  

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