My 2018 Travel Plan

With one trip already locked and loaded, it is time to start making plans for more travel to the destinations I have my sights set on in 2018


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This year, I sat through the winter months and watched what seemed like everyone else on the planet, living it up on their European adventures. In 2018, I will not go through that again. There is nothing like a good dose of FOMO to encourage you to make a change.

I am always thinking of my next adventure. When I am not travelling, I am doing my darnedest to find fun locations in Perth to explore, and wearing what ever I can to remind me of travel; aeroplane printed dresses included. Travel is my goal for the foreseeable future, and I am hoping there will be a fair bit more of it in 2018. It has been a while in between adventures, and I am getting antsy!

Before we have even ticked over in to the new year, I have started brainstorming and planning my travels. With so many destinations on my bucket list, I won’t pretend it has been an easy task narrowing it all down. In fact, I am still torn up inside over the fact I can’t get to some of them. But, I do know for a fact that the following trips will be on the cards.


Last year, I made a pact to myself that I would make an effort to explore more of my own country; before, or at the same time as exploring the rest of the world. I am already honouring that pact; and my brother, dad, his partner and I, are heading off to our island state at the very start of 2018.

Being dad’s 60th birthday present from my brother and I, we are doing Tassie his way; road-tripping up the east coast, and stopping in at all the beaches and bays we can find along the way. For such a small state, I am already overwhelmed at how many amazing things there are to do and see!

On the way home, we will be doing a cheeky stop over in Melbourne too; which I realised I haven’t visited in at least 5 years… whoops!


This year marked 10 years since I last set foot in my mum’s home country. We had initially planned to get there for our birthdays this year (mum and I are a day apart, and my brother is 8 days later), but the logistics were too much. In 2018, there will be no excuses. I want to be on a tropical island for my 28th birthday. I want to go and hang out with the giant tortoises, find a pristine private beach to chill on, and go chase waterfalls again.

For anyone who hasn’t ever heard of Mauritius, it is a small island just to the east of Madagascar (in the waters of East Africa). It is mountainous, covered in rainforest and sugar cane, and has the most incredible white sand beaches. Just like any developing nation, outside of the resorts it is full of little villages and farming towns. The contrast is pretty fascinating!

Nothing is set in stone yet, but the intention to get back is well and truly there. Hopefully I will be able to book travel across to Reunion Island and The Seychelles while I am there too!


Again, this is another destination that has been on my bucket list for longer than I care to remember. Last year, I almost made it (just like Mauritius!), but plans changed and I was off to a different Malaysian destination instead. There is a huge place in my heart for Malaysia, and there is a good portion of that space reserved for memories I will make when I get to Borneo.

I also have a huge place in my heart for elephants and orangutans – two of the three animals that have the ability to move me to tears when I am in their presence (bulldogs are the third). Being home to the world’s dwindling wild orangutan population, visiting Borneo is an absolute must for me. Ideally, I would love to volunteer at an orangutan sanctuary or on a conservation program, but if that can’t happen in 2018, then I don’t mind making my way back another time!

Obviously there are more than just 3 destinations on my ever growing bucket list.

But, for the sake of actually ticking destinations off, I need to focus my time and energy on just a few for the year. Once these destinations are ticked off, the rest are just a bonus! Should time and funds permit, my 2018 travel bucket list would also extend to Aruba, the Amalfi coast and Cuba. And, if I were really, really lucky, Paris, Singapore, The Exumas and… you get it! The list is infinite.

If anyone has been to any of the destinations I have mentioned and has some hot tips, I would love to hear from you! You can never have too many friendly recommendations!

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