The Best Perth Beaches

These 4 beaches are where you will find me this summer. In my eyes, they are the best Perth Beaches


Now that the warm weather has settled in here in Perth, the beach has become my second home. I love going for a drive to the coast, stopping in at different beaches and getting salty. For such a short stretch of coastline, Perth has some incredibly diverse little pockets of beach. Each one is beautiful in their own right, but these 4 have to be my favourite of all to visit.

City Beach

If I had to choose just one beach in Perth to go to for the rest of my days, City Beach would be it. The sand is white, the ocean is a deep blue and there isn’t a rock or reef as far as the eye can see (unless you count the groynes, but that is irrelevant). If you aren’t confident with waves, stick to the patrolled portion of the beach. Otherwise, head left of the left groyne and find a patch of unoccupied sand. Barely any people venture to the south of City Beach, which makes it perfect for people who hate crowded beaches (myself included).

City Beach also gets bonus points for having a playground, grassed area and a whole bunch of great cafes and restaurants. My pick of the bunch is Odyssea.

North Beach

Not my first choice of beach, North Beach makes my list mainly because it is great for photographic purposes!

Most of the northern beaches up this way are lined with rocks and reefs, making them very picturesque and snorkel worthy. It also means that the water is extremely calm; with waves crashing on the reef and crumbling in to shore. Finding a clear spot to dive under can be a bit tricky, but there are plenty of rockpools to splash about in. The calm obviously makes it a great place for kids too. Just be warned – all the rocks are great hiding places for our native fauna, snakes included.

There isn’t as much parking along the northern beaches as there is at Scarborough or City Beach, so try head down early if you want to drive in!


A favourite with the tourists, Cottesloe is famous for the surf life saving club and Indianna Tea House that sit on the shore. The curved bay makes a mighty fine Instagram photo, and it also keeps the waters fairly calm. When the swell is up it is generally all shore breakers though, so there is a fairly big ditch that levels back up as you walk out in to the water. It also means you need to time it well to get in the water!

Cottesloe’s main draw card is the array of cafes, bars and restaurants that line the main drag. The Cottesloe Beach Hotel has been a long time favourite of mine, since the days of sandy astro turf and barefoot Sunday sessions. Il Lido also happens to be one of my favourite restaurants, and they have a view and wine list to boot!


Brighton is just south of the famed Scarborough Beach, and it is often much quieter. Another quieter favourite just off one of the major beaches! Aside from the surf lessons that take place, you can often be one of just a handful of people on the beach in the mornings. Grabbing an early morning hot drink from The Wild Fig and sitting on the sand is one of my favourite past times.

With redevelopment works currently happening at Scarborough, the parking is a little restricted, but Brighton is much easier to access. Come 2018, the whole Scarborough waterfront will be pumping, so it is nice to find a little respite just a bit further south.

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