Christmas Gift Guide: For The Wanderlusters and Travel Lovers

A gift guide made up of a small collection of wanderlust inspired pieces, to help you on your way to buying for the travel lover this Christmas.


This year my Christmas gift guide has taken on a different look and direction. Truth be told, putting together gift guides for the blog stresses me to no end, and I am never really 100% pleased with the resulting content. This year, I took out the pressure to shoot with a staged Christmas tree, beautifully wrapped presents and tinsel, glitter and baubles; and instead went down a path that suits where my head and blog is at now.

Instead of pulling together a swathe of products with little to no cohesion (and little to no interest to me), I have put together a few bits and pieces that I love, into an idea starting gift guide to help you buy for the travel lover in your life. I hope it inspires you to find the perfect travel related gift for your wanderluster! 


Garmin Virb 360 Camera

Vlogging your travels in 360? Yes please! You couldn’t put someone else more ‘in your moment’ if you tried.

House of Cannon Air Traffic Control V Neck Dress

What travel enthusiast wouldn’t be intrigued by clothing printed with an aerial shot of an LA airport?

Travel Voucher

Most airlines offer gift vouchers these days, starting from $50.00 up to around $2000. Help your giftee on their way to their next destination by giving them a nudge in the right direction… well, a nudge towards booking that next airfare!


Goodness On-The-Go Skin Care Kit

A mini travel kit makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the travel lover. Even better when it is all natural!

Tempur Travel Eye Mask

This is hands down the most comfortable eye mask to take on your travels! It has cushioning around the edges so that it sits off your eyes, sealing out the light and making for the most comfortable sleep. It even regulates temperature for extra comfort. Oh, and it has a velcro strap to do it up, so you can control how firmly it sits on your face.

Club Of Odd Volumes Sunset Bedding

If you can’t actually be on holiday, waking up and being surrounded by holiday vibes is the next best thing.


VS Sassoon Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush

Small enough to be portable, this brush eliminates the need to pack both tongs AND a brush.

Jo Malone London Cologne Collection

These bottles are small enough to fit in your toiletries bag almost unnoticed, making them perfect for travelling. You can even pack a few in your bag to change up your scent during the trip.

Lonely Planet Book Set

Books make great gifts full stop. But, gifting a pile of Lonely Planet books is even better. Inspire and entertain your giftee with new destinations, fun activities and different food trails to try while on holiday.

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