New Years Eve Plans and Resolutions

Contrary to what many may believe, I never really plan a big party night on New Year’s Eve. I prefer to start the year off on a good foot, goal setting and enjoying my time in.


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I love New Years Eve.

It is the final chapter of the year that was, and it signifies the turning over of a new leaf. It is a night to celebrate yet another year gone by, and a night to look forward to all the good things that are to come in the next.

New Years Eve is synonymous with wild parties and glittery dresses, however my New Years’ Eves have seen neither of the two since 2013. I trade the sequin jumpsuit and 3.00am finishes for something far more modest. Quite the opposite in fact…

Come December 31st, I much prefer a cosy night in at home. Just my own company (or the company of a loved one if they are about), a good bottle of wine, and some solid planning and goal setting; and maybe a little bit of trash TV watching in between. Starting the year off on the right foot – and not tired/hung over – is something I have become accustomed to. It is a great mindset to have got myself in to.

At some point, I just got fed up with the unnecessary expenditure for one night out; an expenditure other people happily wear to ring in the new year. Each to their own, but it isn’t for me. I resent the idea of paying 2x surge fares with Uber, waiting around for my ride when all I wanted was to be curled up in bed. At risk of sounding like a party pooping nanna, I just don’t get the New Years Eve hype anymore.

But, I still love New Years Eve… just my style of New Years Eve!

This year, I will yet again be sticking to my recently formed New Years traditions.

A night in, eking out my path for 2018, takes precedence over trying to keep my eyes open past my 10.30pm bedtime. Productivity and planning wins out over partying.

Each year, I like to write a comprehensive list of goals – not resolutions – for both my personal life and career. The word ‘resolutions’ is a bit slap dash and hardly calculated, so naming specific goals is the way to go. Writing out a list of calculated, measurable and entirely realistic benchmarks is a smarter approach than naming one broad, overarching resolution.

If you actually want to achieve what you set out to in the new year, this is of utmost importance. A New Year resolution to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’ is bound to fail if you don’t set yourself realistic, measurable benchmarks within that one, overarching idea. The 5 golden rules of goal writing – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound – aren’t just something trivial you learn in primary school. The golden rules are pivotal in setting and acheiving your goals

I have a very specific formula for writing out my goals each year, and thus far it seems to have worked.

When writing out my goals for the new year, I start with fairly broad categories (i.e. travel) before listing more specific, measurable goals within it (i.e. travel to 2 or more new countries before the year is up). More often than not, these goals all sit under the categories of travel, health and fitness, education, hobbies and free time, blog, social media and other work related goals. In a broad sense, I know what I want to achieve. From there, it is just a matter of honing on the who, what, when, where and why in order to realise those achievements.

Once I have listed out a good number of goals under each chosen category and arranged them in chronological order, the easy part is done. It is then on to putting the wheels in motion to meet the goals in the time frames I set. If the time frames I set all of a sudden seem rather unrealistic, I make adjustments to a more suitable time frame.

Revisiting and revising your goals is incredibly important not only to ensure you are on the right track/will achieve what you set out to do, but also to keep your goals fresh in your mind. It is ok to realise you are not going to get to where you wanted to be by a certain date, just make some changes and keep working towards it!

So, where to in 2018?

Well, although I try to be as open and honest as I can around here, there are some things that I prefer not to share. My set of personal and career goals for the year being one of them. What I can tell you is that I plan to do more for myself this year, and focus on the things that truly make me happy. You may have already seen a bit of a shift in the direction of Little Miss Mon Bon, a slight change that is already helping me to focus on the things that truly make me happy. The rest you will have to find out along the way!

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