3 Goals Everyone Should Set For 2018

Rather than share my long list of goals and plans for 2018, I chose just 3 goals that I think everyone should have for the year.


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And just like that, we are in 2018.

This year we see the winter olympics return, there will be another royal wedding (not that I am particularly phased by that) and I turn 23. OK, so I lied about that last bit; I turn 28 this year and I am still coming to terms with being so near to 30. Forgive me.

Age aside, I feel good about this year. I feel good about all the things I have vowed to get on with, and all the things I know I have in store for the year. Just before the new year, I sat down to compile a list of goals and plans that turned out to be as long as The Godfather: Part II. Rather than share it all with you at once, I decided to keep that list just for me. My goals are my goals, your goals are your goals, and maybe we might find out what each other wants to achieve somewhere down the track. But for now, I am keeping my nose to myself.

In saying that, there were just a few goals that I did want to share with you.

Some of my goals are quite personal, while others are more general goals that anyone could – and probably should – have. As I get older, the importance of personal growth, education and understanding what you really want and need only becomes more and more apparent. For this reason, a lot of my goals result in steps forward in at least one of these 3 areas.

Last year, my 3 resolutions that I believed everyone should make¬†went down the health and education route; and this year, the same themes are running strong. So here they are, 3 goals that I hope you all put down on your list this year too…


Every year, I revisit this goal. It is an ongoing goal that I see as being of utmost importance to anyone who values personal growth. You gain a certain sort of intelligence from travel, one that you don’t get from books or the classroom.¬†Having a goal to get out and explore more really plays in to your own personal growth, education and understanding of self. Plus, it is damn fun!

I always set out a goal to visit a certain number of new destinations each year to continue to push myself and to learn. It is easy for us Perth folk to get on the plane to Bali again and again; but it is more exciting to get on the plane to a new, unexplored destination. You come back from those destinations with more. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy like a 24 hour flight either – my first ‘new destination’ of the year will be Tasmania in just 16 days time!


This is an odd goal to come from the mind of a self-confessed ‘yes’ person, but saying ‘no’ more often is incredibly important. I started to put it into practice more often at the end of 2017, and I am going to continue to be mindful about where I am spending my time (and fucks) in 2018.

Being a ‘yes’ person is so fruitful, but it can also be draining if you aren’t making considered choices. Getting a bad case of the the guilts for saying no is equally as draining. For the sake of your own mindset, make 2018 the year in which you learn to say ‘no’ with conviction more often. If you don’t want to go somewhere on your Sunday off, politely decline the invite and suggest an alternative catch up instead. Say no, mitigate your guilt with a solution and spend your time doing what you really want to do.

We get so tied up with trying to please everyone, that often we forget that we come first. If you don’t want to do or don’t agree with something, learning to say ‘no’ is so liberating.


A new year resolution to get fit is the worst resolution you can make. Sorry, but it is. It is as vague as it is unmeasurable; and ‘fit’ is a state of mind more than it is a physical measurement.

A goal to get moving every day is about just that – to move. Movement in any capacity makes us feel good. We lead such sedentary lifestyles these days that even just walking 15 minutes down the road to get a coffee is a daily movement goal achieved. If you do happen to strive for increased strength, flexibility and cardiovascular capacity (which I also happen to think should be an ongoing goal for everyone), some heavier sessions than just a light walk will need to be included each week.

If you don’t want to commit to a gym, that is fine – we have all been that guy with an unused gym membership. Try writing out some mini 30-minute circuits for yourself to complete each day; or even use the time it takes for your kettle to boil, or your lunch to heat up in the microwave, to bust out as many squats or pushups as you can. There are plenty of outdoorsy things you can enjoy too; a hike, bouldering, swimming in the ocean, a run around the block or even chin ups on the kids playgrounds.

Do you have any goals that you think everyone could benefit from setting this year?

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