My Holiday Checklist

A few of the things that I always put on my checklist before I jump on the next plane…


It sounds quite the odd combination, but I am both a scatterbrain and incredibly methodological. A methodological scatterbrain – how is that for an oxymoron?

This is why I like lists. I am obsessed with them. I write lists for everything; a to-do list, a smaller ‘daily’ to-do list, a list of locations I would like to shoot… the list goes on (insert winky face). I feel like my brain is constantly being pulled in a million directions, and that if I don’t write down a thought or idea, I might forget a really good thing. Or just that I need to go to Bunnings to buy grout cleaner.

Needless to say, when it comes time to go away, I become the checklist queen. I have my list of things to pack written out days in advance; and I compile myself a checklist of things to action before I leave too. The thought of forgetting something important and not being home to fix it frightens me. I like the thought of making my arrival back on home soil easier too.

So, before I leave for any holiday, here are a few of the things that I cross off my checklist:

Get all of my payments set up to come out of my account automatically.

The last thing you want to have to do while you are laying on a beautiful beach somewhere is log in to your online banking to pay rent. Mood killer much? Worse still; what if your beautiful morning on the beach was interrupted with the sudden realisation that you forgot to pay rent, and you have no access to a signal or wifi? No please.

I make sure I cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before I even jump on the plane. A few minutes spent working out what is due while you are away, and a few on your online banking scheduling payments, and you have all bases covered. I travel so much easier knowing that rent, car repayments and due bills are all already taken care of.

Do all my washing

For someone so little, I generate a lot of washing. Giving myself more things to stress about before I leave is never a good idea, but I always make myself get through all of my washing before I go away. Firstly, no dirty washing means I know I won’t go to pick up something to pack and realise it has avocado all down the front of it; and secondly, I won’t be so overwhelmed by the volume of washing when I get back home. It makes sense, right?

I also like to change my sheets, make my bed and leave my room in a tidy-ish state. Coming back to the comfort of a tidy, fresh bed is just perfect!

Clear out my inbox

Even if I have to sit up way past my bed time to get this done, I need to tie up lose ends before I leave; or at least make sure that the parties in the conversations I am having are aware of my possible radio silence. Much like coming home to a fresh, clean bed, starting off a holiday with an organised inbox is the best feeling in the world. Plus, it is inevitable that you won’t really be that attentive to the inbox while you are away, so emails can and will pile up. If you start the holiday with 100 emails to action, it is only going to be 10x worse when you get back home. Do yourself a favour and just be organised before you leave!

Organise some things to do on the plane

Half of you will tell me I am crazy for lining up work to get done on the plane; the other half will be right there with me on this one. The plane trip is seen in one of two lights – a solid chunk of time to get uninterrupted work done, or a solid amount of time to kick back and relax. Obviously the latter is not the light in which I see it.

I have a really short attention span and cannot for the life of me sit and watch back to back movies on the plane. Heck, I can’t even watch an hour of the screen without getting bored. So, I make the most of my time on the plane and get some work done. Before I leave, I make sure all of my photo and video files are in Lightroom or a folder somewhere; and I write a list of the written content I can get stuck in to on word. Conveniently, I have a whole bunch of video content to get through on my flight on Saturday for my very first vlog instalment (as requested by you all!).

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