Keeping it in check: A personal update on where I am at, what I am spending my time on and where I have been!

It has been a while since I sat down and spoke a little bit about the behind the scenes. So, personal update time it is!


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Every now and then it is nice for me to sit down and go over what is happening in my life outside of what you see online. We all know how veiled social media can be, so I like to try to be a little more transparent; sharing more of the personal things going on in my life with you guys.

As we navigate through the first few weeks of the new year, I thought it a better time than ever to share with where I am at with you all. Strap yourselves in, this is a long one!


Towards the end of 2017, I found myself facing the fact that I would be entering 2018 as a singleton. Coming to that realisation is never easy, no matter which side made the call. But, I haven’t let that little speed bump stop me from moving forward and getting on with my life.

In fact, even though I have more time to dedicate to myself, I have been keeping very busy. I have been going out for drinks with people I haven’t had the chance to in a while; and making it my mission to get some quality time in at the beach as often as possible. I’ve also picked up my dorky obsession with crosswords again, and started journalling each night before I go to bed. They are far more engaging past times than scrolling Instagram for hours.

A few years ago, I was journalling every day. I had so much going on in my head due to another relationship, and writing it down was a release. That habit disappeared when I found my head had cleared and I was in a good place again. I decided to pick journalling back up again – not because I am in a bad place at all – but because I want to be able to look back on these early months of the year and remember all of the amazing little things that happened. Silly little things like an exciting opportunity that came by, or achieving certain goals.


I’ve been back in Perth under week, and I’m already getting a start on packing for my next adventure.

Over Christmas I spent some time up in Geraldton with family, and then down at home in Bunbury too. While it wasn’t a holiday of Euro trip proportions, it was just the thing I needed to take me away from the online world/my personal life for a bit. We spent our time quad biking to the beach, rabbit hunting**, sitting on the deck with wine, and visiting family members I haven’t seen in far too long.

**they are considered pests in the mid to northern parts of WA

And, because I love spending time with family, my next little adventure involves them too!

In just 9 days time, I will be off for 10 days in Tasmania and Melbourne; with dad, his partner and my little brother as company. It is the first time any of us would have been to Tasmania, so it’s going to be super exciting. We already have our tickets to MOFO at MONA booked for the first full day we are there; and we have a fair idea of the natural attractions we want to see.

Aside from Tasmania, no other travel is set in stone for the year. I have a whole lot of ideas of where I want to get to, but nothing has actually been locked in. At the moment, destinations like Mauritius, Borneo, Vietnam and Thailand are being thrown around; as well as some serious thought into road trips down Esperance way and back up to Geraldton. As the new year brings new drive and new focus, I am already setting the wheels in motion for the next getaway.


If you follow me on Instagram, you would see frequent stories coming out of my gym, Movement Co. I have been training with the team at Movement Co since they first opened and I haven’t looked back.

For the last year or so, I have been focussing on my handbalancing game; trying to nail a 1 minute free standing handstand. It doesn’t sound like much, but to do it right takes a lot of strength, patience and training. At the moment, my record is a 14 second hold.

At the end of last year, adult gymnastic skill classes were added to the timetable; and I have seen myself start to fall down the abyss of tumbling and acrobatics. I am sure that you will be seeing a lot more of my fitness achievements documented across Little Miss Mon Bon as I start learning (and nailing) new tricks and skills.


For just over a year now, I have been exercising my ability to form well-reading sentences for other online publications.

I first picked up some freelance work for Nine Honey Travel back in late 2016; when an email appeared out of the blue requesting some articles on Perth. At the time, I had no other journalistic experience, but I said yes anyway. I have always said that being a ‘yes’ person leads to great things; which leads me to where I am at with freelancing today…

These days, I am flexing my fingers and stretching my vocabulary for 3 different online publications – Nine Honey Travel, AWOL and The Upsider. I am still working on finding the balance between completing pieces for these websites and updating my own, so I hope you can bear with me on that! If ever there is a quiet moment over here, you always know where you can find more pieces by me in the meantime.

I am also still doing a few freelance hours each week working in E-Commerce, content creation and social media for a local company here in Perth. Hopefully in 2018, I will be able to drop those few hours all together and focus solely on Little Miss Mon Bon and freelance writing.


2017 was capped off with the opening of Market Grounds, Henry Summer (pictured), the Pitch Perfect 3 premier and the first of the Scarborough Beach Market series. After a nice little break from events, it is straight back into it next week with premieres/preview screenings of The BBQ and Swingin’ Safari, a little taste of Fringe Festival, and Electric Gardens with Fatboy Slim. And, I will be hitting the ground running as soon as I touch down in Perth again, with the American Idiot opening, a bunch of weddings and more Fringe. Phew! I am tired just thinking about it!

Events are a big part of what we do as bloggers, so on any given week there is a lot to get around to. It can be anything from a breakfast launch, to a night time musical; and often there are multiple outings lined up for just one day. It can all get pretty hectic at times, but I won’t complain about it! In saying that, this year I am going to continue on being more selective about what I do and don’t go to; purely because I just can’t do it all!

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