Exuberance: The Word I Want To Live By This Year

I choose to embody exuberance because a smile and some positive energy really do go a heck of a long way…


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The quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness; ebullience.


After reading a post by Life Curator¬†at the beginning of the year, I too toyed with the idea of living 2018 by a word. Which word exactly? I hadn’t been too sure until now. In the last few days, I have decided that ‘exuberance’ is the word that I want to embody this year.

It isn’t a previous inability to be that bright, bubbly person that is driving me to pursue a year of exuberance, it is a comment one of my local baristas made to me the other day. I went to get a chai and he seemed genuinely moved that my cheery greeting had brought so much energy through the cafe door. He only had nice things to say about me being so upbeat; and it left me thinking about what my exuberant displays actually mean to others.

The energy that we choose to put out there affects others; plain and simple. They see and feel what we are putting down, pick it right back up and run with it. If you project heavy energy, the interactions you have will have that same, heavy vibe. A happy, upbeat outlook will encourage upbeat interactions. It feels amazing to know that something as simple as walking in with a giant smile and saying a hearty ‘hello’ to someone can have such a profound effect on their day. But, this shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone; more just a gentle reminder that your mindset has more of an effect on others than you sometimes realise.

If you choose to be happy, positive and upbeat, your energy will rub off on others around you.

And that is just one reason why my word of 2018 is ‘exuberance’. I want to influence as much happy, energy and positivity as I can.

Admittedly, it isn’t hard for me to be happy, enthusiastic and energetic at the moment. I have already been embodying the word exuberant. The new year has had me feeling on top of the world, and I just can’t help but externalise that joy. I can’t even put my finger on what exactly has me so upbeat; all I know is that while I am feeling this way I want to share it about as much as I can.

And that starts with a simple energised hello.

As the barista said to me, we make a choice about what mood we want to be in each day. We can choose to wake up and be positive about the day, or we can let everything get to us and carry that weight around all day. Sure, we all have some things that might be getting us down, but it doesn’t take a gigantuan effort to try and be cheerful regardless.

Take your cue from the sunshine, the cute puppies you just petted, or that delicious coffee you just purchased. Find a reason to be happy because we sure as hell have it better than a lot of other people in this world. Even the smallest things can lift your mood – like someone smiling and being kind to you. Find a reason to be happy and wear it like a badge of honour. You never know just how far that energy will travel!

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