3 Ways To Push Yourself Further This Year

Every year is packed full of opportunity, but is up to you to uncover it, act on it and push yourself!


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How are we almost 3 full months through 2018?! I swear it was the first week of January just yesterday! Time seems to be flying past quicker than you can tell it to stop.

I don’t know about you, but each year I aim to be in a better place by the end than I was at the start of it. I constantly want to be acheiving and improving my position in life. And here we are, a quarter of the way through the year already. That is 3 months of opportunity to push myself and keep reaching that have already passed. I shouldn’t complain though as so far I seem to have done some pretty cool things; getting a spontaneous tattoo at an event, agreeing to do some more high school tutoring and allowing myself to meet some pretty damn cool souls are just some of them.

If you haven’t already been working on it, now is the time to start challenging yourself and push yourself further. I mean, we have already seen a quarter of the year fly by! If you want to finish the year with some notable achievements under your belt, don’t delay. For a little inspiration to help you along the way, try giving these things a go…

Say yes to the things that scare or intimidate you.

Greatness doesn’t come from sitting within your comfort zone. The most successful men and women in history didn’t let fear and intimidation hold them back from pursuing things, so why should you? Push yourself. Living outside of the comfort zone is exhilarating and almost always fruitful. In the worst case scenario, you learn a good lesson.

Start by doing little things – like agreeing to a coffee date with someone new, or signing up to those singing lessons you have always wanted to do. Then you can work up to the bigger things; like agreeing to do something even if you doubt your ability to do it. From past experience, doing the latter always results in amazing experiences. Heck, it is how this here blog started!

Break out of repetitive cycles.

Humans are creatures of habit. Humans love to find routine and repetition, and continue on performing this pattern within their comfort zone.

Taking stock on your life and having a closer look at the patterns you have forged uncovers areas where things may have gone stale, or don’t seem to be moving forwards. Breaking the repetitive cycles can really reinvigorate your life; be it a repetitive cycle within a relationship, at work, with your fitness routine or just something in your personal life. It doesn’t have to be a drastic change either, just something to shake things up and get you thinking a little differently. I shook up my life with a rather drastic change, and so far things could not be going better!

Try doing some things on a whim.

Perceived risk vs. benefits is a well documented physchometric paradigm. We are programmed to be calculated and think through any repercussions before we make any decisions. As humans, we assess the viability of a situation by weighing up the perceived risk against the projected benefits. This most definitely is not a bad thing; but sometimes it can mean you back out of something or arrive at a decision when the opportunity has already sailed.

Almost every decision that you are faced with is going to have an element of risk to it; it is just a matter of working out how much risk you are willing to take for that pot of gold on the other side. Throwing caution to the wind can result in good things; and if you are willing to take bigger risks, you can often see greater rewards. Stop over-calculating and jump straight into something at some time. If you take a risk and it doesn’t pay off, at least you have a great story and lesson learned. 

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