My Favourite Resort Wear and Holiday Wear Brands

The labels I love and always pack with me on a trip, and the labels I am lusting over…


Totem dress | Novo heels | Vintage belt | Bulgari sunglasses


Earlier in the week I went to the launch of the new David Jones store in Mandurah. It was so beautifully merchandised with all the new winter stock, but somehow, I managed to walk away from the morning with what could possibly have been the only summer-vacation-esque piece on the floor. It was the first thing I saw, the first thing I picked up and the only thing I purchased. I absolutely refuse to accept winter until it is staring me right in the face and taking all of the feeling out of my toes.

I have a natural attraction to all things summer. Food, beverages, colours and of course clothing too. I can’t help but want to dress in clothing that inspires that same feeling I get when I am away exploring somewhere new.

So while I am here lamenting the onset of winter – and very obviously trying to avoid the cold (and **ahem** trying to organise more getaways) – I thought I would share some of my favourite resort wear and vacation wear brands with you all.

I accept no responsibility for making your mind wander to warmer places…


The most affordable of the lot, Asha does some really easy, fun little pieces. You may recognise this little yellow jumpsuit, this pretty little number and this amazing red dress? Yep, all Asha!

I would say that their specialty is in fun little playsuits, dresses and sets – the perfect pieces to throw in to your suitcase for a getaway to a warm destination. They don’t do anything overly ornate or intricately detailed, but their affinity for ruffles, ties and florals definitely lends itself to a holiday wardrobe. Being at the lower end of the scale budget wise, I don’t have to worry too much about them getting a bit grimy in places like Bali or Malaysia either!


Hailing from Brazil, these guys know colour and print; and if my experience is anything to go by, colour and print really do make the best holiday attire. I just can’t help but feel happy when I wear anything Totem.

They do a lot of separates and shift dresses, but my all time favourite pieces are their more limited maxi dresses. Not only do they photograph beautifully, maxi dresses add that little bit extra glam to an outfit without being over the top. No sequins at the beach club are necessary!


Handmade in Mauritius, Saskia pieces are as chic and fuss-free as the resort lifestyle the island is known for. There are no crazy design elements here – just clean lines, simple designs and pretty feminine touches like fluted sleeves or a slightly ruffled hem. Saskia pieces are definitely a nice palette cleanser in a sea full of Camilla at the pool bar.

I now own a few of Saskia’s pieces, and every single one gets packed away in to my suitcase the moment I open it for a vacation. As much as I love bright colours and print, the simplicity of her work can be more versatile in a condensed holiday wardrobe.

Johanna Ortiz

I have lusted over Johanna Ortiz for years now. The only reason my wardrobe isn’t solely Johanna Ortiz pieces is because I can’t even afford one of her pieces yet. ** Pray for me **

Rather exxy but oh-so-glamourous, there is absolutely no mistaking her work. Ruffles, print, drape and volume seem to be the name of Johanna’s game; it all just oozes a ‘cocktail hour at the Tulum beach club’ vibe. She even dabbles in swimwear, which I would say rivals and beats Zimmermann swimwear!

Dodo Bar Or

Inspired by the Middle East, Dodo Bar Or brings the colours, prints and techniques of the region to modern day fashion. Her resort collection features gorgeous linens and natural materials, dotted with tassels, studs and embroidery; it is the perfect balance between understated and maximalism.

Despite being inspired by a desert region, the garments are surprisingly translatable to the island life too. I guess linen and loose styles have that ease about them!

All Things Mochi

All Things Mochi is like a younger, funner Dodo Bar Or. It is an explosion of colour, detail and textures. I am sure if you looked up ‘exuberant’ in the pictionary, you would find Dodo Bar Or garments filed under there. It goes without saying that there I have an obvious attraction to all things All Things Mochi.

Taking design inspiration from all over the world, just looking at the pieces online takes me to Mexico, Africa and South America all at once. They completely embody the vibrance of those regions.

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