Hot or Not: The Things I Am Currently Loving and Loathing

A light hearted look at some of the things I have been enjoying, and the things I would rather not have to deal with…


Thrifted dress | Bianko necklace | Spurr heels | Thrifted belt


Our very warm welcome to Autumn.

It is no secret I am a summer girl. The blow that is the end of summer has been softened with a very warm start to autumn here in Perth, and I am absolutely loving it. Mother Nature’s assistance in easing in to this looming autumn and winter is very much appreciated; and the 36 degree beach day yesterday was just what I needed for the soul! Although not too much can be said about the rain we copped today…


I have always loved op-shopping, but for a while there I put the brakes on on my op-shop visits a little. Much to my delight, the last 6 or so months I have picked the pace up a bit more on the bargain hunting and I have uncovered some absolute gems (mostly from my hometown, Bunbury!).

You may recall this dress? $5.00 from a Bunbury op-shop. It was the first thing that caught my eye on the rack and I couldn’t be happier with it! I mean, you can’t miss that print can you? This silver velvet number? It was from the very same op-shop on the very same day! It may be a size 14, but you would never know it is most definitely not my size!

Lazy Lunching.

I love breakfast food, I really do, but I just can’t go past a lazy lunch to break up my day. While the weather is still nice, there is nothing better than getting out and enjoying the midday sunshine. Plus, nobody judges you for ordering a glass of wine with your meal at lunch (at breakfast there are a few more questioning stares)…

This particular set of photos was taken on a mother-daughter date down at Aravina Estate in Margaret River; and it was one of the most enjoyable lunches I have had in a long time. The company was fantastic, and the food and wine was out of this world!

European style.

I can’t get enough of wearing anything that reminds me of Italy at the moment. Inadvertently, I have been gravitating towards all things Mediterranean, and really embracing my heritage. I don’t care how much I look like a mafia wife on holiday on the Amalfi Coast – I am loving all the colour, print and detail, and I feel fantastic in my sartorial choices.

Still not having my car back.

Just to make my single Valentine’s day even better this year, I managed to have my first car accident ever (and have the tow truck driver offer to take me out for ice-cream??). Thankfully, everyone was ok, but sadly my car was not. While the whole process of dealing with insurance and getting my car repaired has been relatively straight forward, it has been one heck of a drawn out process. Unfortunately I am still no closer to having my car back; and for anyone who knows what it is like trying to live without a car in Perth, you will understand how incredibly frustrating this situation is!

Homyped sneakers as farshurn.

Ok, so they aren’t actually Homyped sneakers, but just because they have Balenciaga or Prada emblazoned on the side, it does not make them cool. Sure sure, fashion is about pushing boundaries and stepping outside the box; but willingly wearing something that resembles a futuristic take on chewed up chewing gum takes it a little too far. I realise this is obviously a personal preference, but I just can’t find anything remotely cool about them.

Seemingly being plagued with injury.

First it was my elbow and hip, then it was a very sore wrist that couldn’t take any weight; now it is very angry rhomboids, ribs and traps. One of the only down sides to actively investing in your health and well being is uncovering weaknesses and causing yourself a bit of ‘growing’ pain. If you are going to work at getting your body stronger, your muscles and joints will get a bit stressed every now and then. It is all fixable stuff, it is just frustrating having to regress and hold yourself back to prevent any irreversible damage!


Not only are they absolutely the worst fruit on this planet, but they just became the deadliest fruit on the planet too. Very sadly, a few people have died after contracting listeria from rockmelon over east. Now they have even more of a reason to be firmly planted on my loathe list. They are legit further down on my list of edible fruits than durian is… and that is saying something!

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