An Early April Catch Up

How are we in April already? Just where did that quarter of the year go? I guess now we are here, it means we are due for another life update and catch up…


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I swear this year is flying by quicker than I can recite the date! Just like that, the temperatures have dropped, we have entered the second quarter of the year, and I am still trying to work out what has actually gone in the last 3 months. It feels like everything and nothing has happened all at once. Is anyone else the same? It feels like so much has happened in those 3 short months, but I also have a fear that I haven’t done enough too.

If I look at the last 2 weeks in particular, the last statement rings so damn true. SO much happened, yet I feel as though I haven’t utilised my time as well as a could have. I should probably learn to ignore that feeling. So, what exactly has been happening outside of this here space?…


April seems to be the month of the road trip! I just made it back from 5 days in Geraldton over Christmas, and as you are reading this, I am on my way to/am already in the Albany and Esperance region with Tiffany and Rachael. After making a pact to myself a little while ago to explore more of my own home country and state whilst exploring the rest of the world, I have started to make good on the promise.

If you follow along on the ‘gram, you would be very familiar with my aunt and uncle’s block of land just north of Geraldton. In the space of 6 months, I have been up there a good 3-4 times. There is no other feeling quite like that of waking up to sit on the balcony at dawn with my family; drinking coffee, watching the sun rise over the farmland and chatting the morning away. Our days up there are pretty care free and it is always hard to leave. Who would want to say goodbye to panoramic farm and ocean views, fresh seafood lunches, quad bike rides to isolated beaches and all that family time?

The current road trip and second one of April already? Well you will have to keep up to date with it on Instagram for the time being…


Back in early 2017, I was asked by the media department at John Curtin College of the Arts to come in and speak to the students about the blogging world. Ever up for a challenge, I agreed to go in and take my first high school class. Fast forward to 2018, and I have been back in to speak to the kids numerous times. In fact, just last week I completed a series of 3, 3 hour long tutorial sessions with kids from years 8 to 12.

I have never held a 3 hour long class, talk or tutorial before and I was definitely out of my comfort zone. But, like I said, I like a challenge! There was definitely a lot of self doubt as to whether or not it was doable; and I had my head buried in the sand for a good 2 weeks trying to get everything done (both for the classes and everything else). Once I had walked out of that first class, I had to have a laugh at myself. What was I ever worried about?!

So, as well as all of the freelance work that I do, this tutoring took up a fair bit of my time in early April! Given we discussed coming in to take yet more classes next term, I feel as though tutoring will be taking up a fair bit of my time to come.


I have said it before and I will say it again – live music is life. It is a feeling of pure joy to watch musicians on stage doing what they love. Who doesn’t love seeing other people happy and in their element?

Ever since I was old enough, I have been going to festivals and to watch live music. It is one of my favourite past times. Even though summer is over and we are now hurtling through April, I am still getting to my fair share of music festivals and concerts. Over the weekend it was a Heineken Saturday session at Embargo, where North East Party House played live. The crowd wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea, but the music… oh the music! You can bet your bottom dollar I was standing to the side of the stage grinning from ear to ear like a cheshire cat!

This weekend I will be watching one of my all time favourite singer-songwriters play at Reverb Festival in Burswood. I have loved Matt McHugh and the Beautiful Girls since I was a teenager; so needless to say I am beyond excited that I finally get to see him play (my favourite song none-the-less) on Sunday night again! As a bonus Xavier Rudd will also be playing, who I haven’t seen live since I was just 14 years old. It is going to be a totally chill night of tunes and I absolutely can. not. wait! If anyone wants to come and join me, tickets for the weekend are still on sale.

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