Travelling in Autumn – The Essential Packing List

In my mind, packing for a summer getaway is 10x easier than a getaway in autumn or winter. This little packing list helps me successfully pack a bag for an autumn getaway every, single time.


Asha dress | Paige Denim jacket | Converse sneakers | Minkpink sunglasses | Country Road headscarf


I have said it before and I will say it again, and again, and again – I am a summer girl through and through. As a summer lover at heart, I very consciously choose to holiday in warmer climates. Thick blankets of snow look absolutely beautiful, but the reality of all that cold panics me a little. Dressing to combat the chilly sea breeze in autumn is hard enough for me, let alone dressing for sub-zero temperatures. Layering has just never really been a strong suit of mine.

In the past month, I have been gallivanting around the state a little (head to my Instagram to see the latest from the great southern region!). The weather is starting to cool, and the southern regions in particular are definitely in log fire territory already. Thankfully, I have started to get the hang of this ‘layering for the cold’ business a bit. For both my trips up to Geraldton and down to Denmark and Esperance, I stuck to the same packing strategy; it was a strategy that favoured warm, comfortable and easily mixed-and-matched dressing.

At the core of the Autumnal capsule wardrobes I packed were these few essential items…

An oversized jacket

If you are going to pack one jacket for an autumn getaway, make it an oversized one. There is something explicitly cosy about something that doesn’t fit like a glove (read: mens clothing).

It has taken me some 20 years to come around to the idea of a denim jacket; but this oversized denim jacket proved to be incredibly useful on my most recent travels. It is large enough to throw over whatever you are wearing easily (chunky knits included), and the heavy denim does a damn good job at keeping you warm. It’s oversized nature makes layering up a breeze, and the denim goes with just about anything you could pack.

A pair of Converse

Slightly too toasty for summer weather, and slightly too chilly for the depths of winter, Cons are best saved for the Autumn getaways. Normally I live in open toed shoes, but a pair of Cons are a life saver in that early morning Autumn frost. If you plan to do a lot of walking (or exploring of farming property a la me), you also have something comfy to slip on without going full blown activewear.

A headscarf

I pack headscarfs in my bag year round, but in Autumn they are the perfect compromise between a hat and a beanie. They are just enough to keep your ears and head warm without roasting you. And, as an added bonus, they hide unwashed hair or can be used as a neck scarf for a touch extra warmth in a cool breeze.

A cosy knit

With the temperatures only really dropping to jumper-needing-cool in the mornings and evenings, packing one to two knits is suffice; especially if you plan on packing an oversized jacket too. I found my turtle neck and oversized jumpers got the most wear when I was down Esperance way – both providing that little bit extra comfort and warmth to your standard fitted crew neck.

A bottle of wine (or 3)

Warmth comes from the inside out! Plus, there is nothing like sitting all cosy, watching the sunset with a good glass of wine in hand!

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