5 Cool Things To Do In Perth City That You Didn’t Know You Could Do

The city is undeniably a corporate playground; but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole host of amazing non-work things you can do in the CBD. There are literally SO many cool things that you can do in the Perth City…


Eating and drinking some of the finest fare isn’t the only thing you can do outside of work in the Perth CBD. You can shop up a storm, lay under the trees in a beautiful garden, or even get some gelato from Gusto Gelato down on the river; but that still isn’t even all of it.

The city of Perth is constantly evolving, and with all the growth comes a waves of new things to explore. Perth is full of fun things to do – a lot of which I am willing to bet you didn’t even realise you could do.

For a different experience in the Perth city, why not give some of these activities a try?


Hidden in the depths of East Perth is Perth City Farm – a gorgeous little community run garden. It is one of those little oasis’ that you wouldn’t know was there unless you had been told about it. Built on an old scrap metal site by Claisebrook train station, the eco-friendly space is now home to a garden, nursery, function spaces and a cafe. Run by an enthusiastic team of volunteers, the farm prides itself on its ethical practice and community involvement.

On Saturdays, the space plays host to a farmer’s market; but it is open week round for you to grab a coffee from the cafe and explore. It is such a beautiful space to escape the hustle and bustle, and remove yourself from the office life if even just for 20 minutes. You can even purchase your own flower, herb and vegetable seedlings to take home, reared right there in their own nursery!


Sure, Scitech is predominantly pitched at primary school aged children, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t have an absolute blast there too. It is basically a space full of fun, interactive installations with an educational undertone. Some of the favourite resident exhibits include the 180 degree planetarium dome – where you can immerse yourself in the virtual cosmos – and the 7m tall ball machine that explores force, gravity and velocity. The newest installation ‘Kaartadjin Koorliny’ is an exploration of light, creativity and perception. Even if you thought science was a bore in school, I can guarantee you will love playing around at Scitech!

If you aren’t too keen on heading in when the younger folk are around, keep your eye out for the ‘adults only’ After Dark parties that they hold throughout the year. There are special activities that they arrange for the After Dark parties, and as an added bonus, there is a bar to help keep you watered!


After something new to pull out at your next dinner party? Sue Lewis might just have the answer that you are looking for…

You can sign up to learn everything there is to know about chocolate (including tempering and moulding your own) with Perth’s very own chocolate maven, right here in the CBD. Sue has worked with chocolate for the last 20 years, and was even named as one of the top 8 chocolate shops in the world by British Airways High Life Magazine. It is safe to say that she knows her way around cacao and that you will be learning from one of the best!

Sue hosts masterclasses in her State Buildings headquarters every second Monday. She is even available for private bookings should you so want them. If you don’t want to do a class, do yourself a favour and drop in to see the store anyway. You won’t be leaving her State Buildings or Yagan Square store without something tasty to take home.


Contemporary, hip hop, African dance hall, heels, ballroom – take your pick because the King St Art Centre has them all! The absolutely stunning (and highly Instagrammable) studios at the centre are home to an incredible variety of classes. So what are you waiting for? Dust off those dancing shoes and get a-moving!

Elan Dance takes over the studios on a Wednesday night, offering classes in hip hop, dancehall and heels; Tuesday nights you can catch a beginners contemporary class by STRUT; and Danza Loca occupies a studio on Saturdays with their salsa classes. Head in to the centre to check out the noticeboard for more details on classes run throughout the week.


While you can’t sit down to the latest Hollywood blockbuster release within the City of Perth confines, you can grab some popcorn and feast your eyes on the latest independent releases at Cinema Paradiso. Don’t forget the choc-bomb either – they have arguably the best in all of Perth!

A quaint little cinema tucked away in the heart of Northbridge, Cinema Paradiso showcases the best in world cinematography. From a French comedy to the latest arthouse drama, you can catch almost anything on one of their 4 screens. They are also involved in the French, Spanish, Scandinavian and Italian film festivals each year (to name just a few), which always draw quite the crowd.

**Written in collaboration with City of Perth. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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