Esperance’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Where to stop in Esperance for your dose of vitamin sea



It may seem a little redundant to be talking Aussie beaches one week in to winter, but I couldn’t hold off sharing these gorgeous spots with you any longer.

After finally making it to our great southern back in April, I have been continuously obsessing over Esperance. It is a sleepy little coastal town that is home to some of the most brilliant Australian beaches I have ever seen. Bondi is beautiful in its own rights, and Eagle Bay is just stunning… but Esperance and it’s beaches totally knocks all other beaches off their perch (note: Binalong Bay in Tasmania is also up there with it’s pure white sand and turquoise water).

I could write endlessly about all the beaches and bays in Esperance, but I have chosen just 3 that I truly believe everyone should make a priority when they visit the area…

Lucky Bay

It is the busiest and most well known beach in all of the Cape Le Grand national park, and it is easy to see why. With the whitest of white sand and brilliant turquoise water, Lucky Bay a postcard does make. And if the sand and water weren’t enough, there is a mob of incredibly friendly kangaroos that call the beach home. The Exumas have pig beach, Aruba has flamingo beach, and Esperance has a kangaroo beach.

The roos on Lucky Bay are so friendly that you can literally lay down with them and pet them without bothering them! If you are lucky, you will catch them laying in the sun on the beach; otherwise, they will be hanging around the car park having a snooze.

Obviously this is a wildly popular tourist attraction – who doesn’t want to pet a kangaroo in the wild?? The gorgeous landscape, roos and beachside camp ground do mean that Lucky Bay is one of the busiest beaches in Esperance, but it is 200% worth the visit.

Hellfire Bay

Don’t let the name disillusion you. Hellfire Bay is heaven on earth; a heaven with such an inopportune name!

Just a short 5 or so minute drive from Lucky Bay, Hellfire Bay can be visited in the same trip. The bay is equally as beautiful as Lucky Bay, but way less busy. It is amazing what difference some kangaroos and a whole lot of Tourism WA support can do! When we visited Hellfire, there was just one camper van in the carpark, and not a single soul on the beach! It was pretty surreal!

Although it is a smaller bay than Lucky Bay, I loved the view of the shorter beach. Surrounded by hills and what WA calls ‘mountains’, the curved beach is so perfectly framed. I could imagine it would be the perfect refuge in the busier summer months.

Twilight Beach

Characterised by the giant boulders in the water and at one end of the beach, Twilight Beach has a bit of an Elephant Rock feel to it (if you don’t know Elephant Rock, see here). The giant, smooth boulders jut out of the water, making twilight beach quite different visually to the other beaches around the place.

Like Lucky Bay it is a patrolled beach, so if you are not the most confident in the ocean, Twilight Beach is a great option. Again, the waters here are calm and crystal clear, and the sand is so fine that it is squeaky under your feet. A more popular beach, it can tend to get quite busy especially in the summer months.

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