Perth’s Best Winter Weekend Walks (and My New Lululemon Gear)

Just because the weather is less than ideal, it doesn’t mean you have to take your movement and exercise indoors…


I am going to get real with you winter; you most definitely are not my favourite season of the four. Being outdoors in the sunshine and staring at an endless blue sky is most definitely a lot more favourable to watching the rain drizzle down the window while rugged up to the nines. To this day (and probably until the day that I die), the chionophile will confuse the hell out of me. Despite my aversion to the cold, I have – in the spirit of fairness – made a conscious effort to give this whole winter thing a red hot go.

First thing is first – I had to build a winter friendly wardrobe.

Let’s be honest, my wardrobe was never really that winter friendly. Up until a few years ago, fun, flirty dresses dominated my hanging space, and my hangers had fewer than 2 coats hanging on them. I am a summer girl through and through, and the way I curate my wardrobe is a product of that.

But, as I get older and wiser I have been more proactive in adding winter pieces to the mix. I had to implement a rule of buying at least one piece of outerwear per winter to try and balance out my summer skewed wardrobe. So far this year, I have already added another 2 jackets and coats. I have added one for everyday and one for my active wardrobe.

Go me. What a champ.

Let’s take a minute to talk about my new activewear addition…

I am particularly excited about the addition of this super light, cosy ‘Extra Mile’ jacket from Lululemon to my workout wardrobe. I had been meaning to buy a new puffer style jacket for years, but I just never got around to doing it. After finding this strategically stretch-panelled puffer (hello extra mobility!), that goal has finally been achieved!

As you may well have noticed, my gripe with the colour black extends as far as my work out wardrobe. Colour dominates my activewear drawers and I tend to favour my patterned pieces a lot more than I do my black pieces. Naturally, when I saw that this Extra Mile jacket came in white, I just had to have it (note: the built in thumbholes made my purchase decision even quicker and easier).

Armed with a brand new warm, water repellent (yep, even the fleece inside is) white activewear jacket, I am now more game to venture outdoors for a bit of exploring this winter. A little bit of rain beading off my jacket isn’t going to stop me from the fresh air! The fact my outdoor activity doesn’t need to be put on hold for the winter makes me so damn happy. We all know how just much I love the outdoors (is my Instagram a big enough indication??)…

With my winter activewear sorted, I decided to put together a list of my favourite winter weekend walks around Perth that I know I will be repeating many times this season. I would encourage you to grab your water repellent puffer jacket and try out one of these walks this weekend too…


I am not fussy about which part of the coast I walk along, just so long as I can definitely see the ocean.

In saying that, I do really love the walk along West Coast Highway between Canteen in Trigg and Hillarys (not that I walk the whole length!). The view is phenomenal and it changes from sandy beach with big barrelling waves, to elevated vantage points looking out over rocky escarpments in the distance. If you wander along the footpaths the walk is pretty easy – definitely walk, talk and drink coffee worthy – but if you venture onto the beach itself, things heat up. And when I say ‘heat up’ I don’t mean temperature wise (unless of course you are wearing your best winter activewear, a la me). It gets a bit wilder and woollier down there, and climbing through the soft sand and over rocks makes for a tougher work out.

Even when the ocean is rough and thundery, the skies are grey and the wind is up, the ocean is such a beautiful place to be!


The rain and the cold might not be ideal for us human folk, but my gosh it makes the bush look, feel and smell amazing! The crisp air, lush winter greenery and smell of wet leaves is such a nice break from the grey buildings and wet bitumen you get with city living.

I love jumping in the car and taking a drive out east to the hills. Be it somewhere in the Swan Valley region or further south to Araluen, I like to make a bit of an occasion of a bush walk and explore. At this time of the year Bells Rapids in Brigadoon is at it’s finest and being a sucker for water, sitting and watching the Swan River flow through in to roaring rapids is such a pleasure. Spending some time watching and listening to the water rush under the Bells Rapids bridge is so calming!

You get a lot of bang for your buck on the Bells Rapids walk trail too. At just 2.5km long and a grade 1 in difficulty, the visual rewards are rather plentiful for the minimal exertion needed to get around the track.


Sometimes it can get a little too wild and woolly for a wander down on the coast. On days where there is a really strong sea breeze gale, I like to switch my waterside walk with a trip to a lake instead. It may not be salty and sandy, but any sighting of a body of water makes for one happy Mon.

The lakes are grassy, marshy and reedy, and in winter they are at their absolute best. Just like the bush, the lakes are so green and lush when there has been plenty of rainfall. If I am going to go for a walk by a lake, I will always stop in at either Lake Monger or Herdsman Lake (they are right by each other in Wembley/Herdsman). To me, they are two of the prettier lakes in Perth, and they are two of the closest to Perth city.

You feel like you are in another world when you hit the sections of path that wind through the paperbarks at Herdsman; and the views back over the city skyline from Lake Monger are incredible.

** written in collaboration with Lululemon. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own
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