How to Beat The Euro Trip Blues if You Aren’t in Europe This Summer

It’s that time of the year again; social media feeds are once again flooded with photos of summer time Europe, and the FOMO is getting really real…


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I have damn well done it again. Every single year I find myself in the same position and every year I swear I will not let it happen again. Yeah, good job I am doing at that.

Come winter time here in Australia, I start to realise I have made a huge mistake in yet again forgetting to book my ticket to Europe and out of the cold. Who else is with me here? Who is spending the Australian winter right here, still in Australia?

For anyone else who raised their hand (and will subsequently be watching the barrage of summer Euro trip photos come through), hang tight. I have come up with a few ways to try and lessen the FOMO pain until we have to do it all over again next year (unless you are lucky enough to break the cycle).

Bundle some mates in the car and head off on a road trip

Even if it is just 2 hours out of town, shaking up your routine and heading off on a road trip will help to alleviate the FOMO at least just a little bit. A little getaway always lifts the mood. It may not be as sunshiney and warm at your destination as it is at the Amalfi Coast, but hey, it is something. If you can find a cute little Air BnB with a wood fire place, pack a bottle or few of a good red and stop to pick up some marshmallows, then you are well on your way to having a killer weekend get away with your friends.

Head somewhere warmer, but not so far away

In Perth we are incredibly lucky to get winter days as pictured (yes, we can get away with t-shirts and bare legs some days!), but if we are looking for a little bit more warmth than Perth delivers, then we are just a short plane ride (or an 11 hour drive) away. The north west of Western Australia is gorgeous at this time of the year and boasts weather not dissimilar to that over in coastal Europe. If you live in the eastern states, far north Queensland is your place to go. And, if you still really want to get overseas, there is always Indonesia, Malaysia or the Phillipines.

Switch off

I swear we wouldn’t even know what FOMO was if the world wasn’t so obsessed with social media. Imagine how much less Euro trip action we would see if we simply didn’t look at Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat? So why not do it? Why not have a digital detox for a weekend and allow yourself to just enjoy the moment that you are in? Combine your digital detox with a road trip away with friends and you have an absolute winner of a deal.

Start planning your summer Euro trip for next year

If you absolutely cannot get your mind off Europe, then do something productive with it and get to planning your very own Euro trip for next year (before you end up in this situation again). My biggest problem is that I always start thinking about a winter escape too late, and by the time I should be booking things I have not taken all the necessary measures in time to be doing so. If you are like me, then get to planning, saving and booking while you are thinking about it so you don’t miss out for another year!

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