Why Going On A Road Trip With Friends Will Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

In a world where air travel is becoming increasingly disposable, going back to simpler days and enjoying a humble road trip is a luxury in itself.


Up until last year, I had forgotten the joys of a simple road trip. For years I was stuck in a weird, semi-situational rut that saw me doing not much but laying low in Perth. It meant even heading back home to Bunbury happened only every once in a blue moon. If you have been with me on the blog or Instagram for a while, you would know that is now far from the case.

After dropping some people out of my life and making some changes, I started doing more. I like to think that I started living more. Even little things like going to the beach whenever I wanted, I was doing it. I started doing things for me.

Now, getting in my car and heading down to Bunbury is a more regular thing. In fact, a year or two ago I set myself a yearly goal of making at least 4 trips down per year. To say I smash that goal pretty consistently is am understatement. I have even been getting more acquainted with my car to get out and explore new parts of the state and country (another ongoing goal of mine).

If I could give you one piece of important life advice, it would be to grab some mates (or family) and road trip more often.

I have done my fair share of drives to Bunbury alone and while it is great, you just can’t beat filling the drive time with friendly family/friendship banter.

You may remember my Tasmanian family road trip that I did in January? To date, it has been one of the best holidays I have taken. The banter and family time was unbeatable, as was the freedom to explore and pull up where ever we wanted. I really do have a new appreciation for the road trip after this holiday; and I think that if you bite the bullet and give it a go too, you will as well.

Back in early April, I jumped in a car with Tiffany Scanlan and Rachael Gouvignon and we embarked on a 5 day long road trip to our great southern region. With plans to stop in at Denmark and Esperance, we were faced with a good 19 or so hours of driving to get to our destinations. With that sort of ground to cover, company was essential. And I tell you what, road tripping with such a fab pair of girls was the best experience.

When you are stuck in a confined space for a prolonged period of time, one of two things will happen. You will either have the best time joking, laughing and getting deep and meaningful, or you will argue and tensions will flare. Regardless of which way it goes, you learn a lot about each other; and that to me is what the road trip is all about. You may think you know your friends through and through, but until you road trip with them, you really don’t. A road trip is honestly the best way to really get to know your company.

A road trip allows you to learn so much more about your companions, and connect on a different level.

Spending time with your friends is one thing, but spending hours on end in a car with not much else to do is a whole other level. On an aeroplane, everyone has the opportunity to be engrossed in their Ipads or TV screens; and it almost feels like conversation is prohibited after a certain time. You really don’t engage much with the people you are travelling with.

In a car, you don’t get the luxury of a personal, back-of-seat screen (unless you drive a Mercedes); and, for the most part, phone reception is nil. You are forced to be present and engage. You have to entertain yourselves with silly jokes, with stop offs in tiny towns and with thoughtful conversation. It is everything you don’t get when you jump on a plane.

Just like taking the long roads through the country side, hours on end of conversation leads you to some pretty amazing places; amazing places I am sure you wouldn’t reach if you weren’t confined to the car. It is that quality time that we so often miss out on with the introduction of technology and our ridiculously fast paced lifestyles.

That quality time and conversation is the luxury of a humble little road trip with your friends. You don’t need fancy hotels or lavish experiences; all you need is some time with your mates.

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