My Travel Health and Beauty Essentials

These are the health and beauty products (my health and beauty essentials) that I will – without fail – pack into my suitcase whenever I am travelling.



Imagine if we could all take our entire health and beauty cabinet with us when we travelled? Unfortunately the reality is far, far, far from that. With limited space and weight, only the most essential, economic of products make the cut. Even still, it can be hard to keep your travel beauty bag to a bare minimum (even for someone who takes zero makeup!).

When faced with space and weight restraints, these are the health and beauty essentials that I reach to pack first…

La Mer Travel Size Products

I have been using La Mer on my skin for quite some time now and it has changed. my. life. Apparently this fermented kelp based ‘miracle broth’ they created really does work miracles. I swear my skin is more luminous, dewy and clear than it has ever been since using La Mer. The range is by far one of my biggest beauty essentials!

Taking the full size tubs and jars of all my favourite products travelling with me just isn’t going to happen. The 100ml tubs are fairly weighty and sizeable, taking up a bit of space in my beauty cabinet let alone my luggage. Of course, I could pack them all into my luggage if space and weight permitted, but lets be honest here, that is never the case.

Thank goodness all of my La Mer favourites come in super handy ‘mini’ sizes that are perfect for travel. I can fit a travel sized moisturising soft creme, eye concentrate, lifting contour serum and treatment lotion all in a small vanity pouch in my handbag. I love being able to pack my minis into my handbag because they make the world of difference to the hydration of my skin on a long or overnight flight.

Jo Malone Cologne Intense (50ml or mini)

Not everyone has just one signature scent and I am one of those people. At any given time I have about 4 different scents on rotation. Again, packing all of my favoured full-sized scents into my luggage when I travel is a bit ridiculous, so finding my favourite scents in smaller sizes works perfectly.

At the moment I am living in Jo Malone scents. I just love that they smell earthier and more real than some of the more commercial fragrances on the market. Of the whole range, the Cologne Intense scents are my favourite. They last longer on the skin (again, perfect for travel!), and the fragrances seem to be a lot more complex. If I have enough space I can pack a 50ml bottle of one of my favourites (at the moment it is Jasmine Sambac and Marigold, and Orris and Sandalwood), otherwise I just pop a few of the minis from the gift packs into my vanity case.

Flo Travel Nasal Spray

It sounds like a really weird thing to be banging on about (and it isn’t really classified as ‘beauty essentials’), but this nasal spray is one of my travel health essentials; it is everything when you are flying! I get really sore sinuses from the dry air in the aeroplane, and this nasal spray has helped me to combat that. Hallelujah! It is just a simple saline spray and seaweed extract so there are no nasties or medications in it, but it works wonders to keep my nasal passage well hydrated. It also helps to flush away airborne bacteria and nasal irritants the chances of catching something on the plane are lessened.

Unit Nine Sweat Pack Plus

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you would be well aware that my workouts elude the standard hotel gym. Treadmills and cable lat pulldown machines just aren’t my jam. I am more of a bodyweight movement/resistance work kind of girl and the Unit Nine Sweat Pack Plus gives me just that when I travel.

The compact neoprene bag comes with 3 mini bands (3 levels of resistance), a long resistance band, skipping rope, sliders, trigger ball and a sweat towel inside. With just these few bits and pieces, I can replicate a lot of the movements I do at Movement Co while I am off elsewhere on an adventure. My favourite? Using the sliders to work on my planche sliders – hello shoulder, arm and ab conditioning!

Feel Good Inc Paw Paw Nectar

This stuff is another one of my saviours on long flights. The air doesn’t just dry out my sinuses and skin, but my lips too; and nothing hydrates your lips better than some good old fashioned paw paw cream. I love this tube in particular because it has a nifty little flip cap instead of a screw on cap, and the formulation isn’t super thick and hard to spread. And how could I not absolutely love a brand that comes out of a place I spent a lot of my childhood in (Dunsborough)?

Melissa Allen ‘I Have Calm’

No matter how much I travel or how far I travel, I still get nervous at the thought of leaving. It is weird; I don’t even do it consciously! Even though I come across as being super excited to be going away somewhere, deep down inside I am so nervous that I make myself ill. I told you, it is weird. It happens without fail and it can be really quite annoying being so exhausted and having such an upset stomach.

I carry the Melissa Allen ‘I Have Calm’ fragrance with me when I travel to help ease my nerves a little. It has 14 different natural essential oils in it, including lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and patchouli to promote calm and sleep. Before I get on a flight I spritz myself in it, and I even use it on my pillows at night to help me get a better night of sleep. Anything to try and minimise the trauma my subconscious does to my body when I travel!

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