My Favourite Perth Wine Bars

It is no secret I enjoy a good glass of wine; and these are the Perth wine bars I head to to indulge in a glass or two…


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Writing for The Upsider about the latest and greatest in the hospitality industry here in Perth sees me spending a lot of time at our local haunts. As I get further and further into my freelance writing journey, it is becoming clearer and clearer that writing about the wine, beer and spirits industries is my favourite thing to do (outside write about travel, of course). I have always loved the hospitality industry here in Perth, and getting to experience it and write about it is my own little contribution to the industry.

I spent a lot of time writing about these places and their produce for other publications, but not as often on here. It seems a shame that the Perth based food and beverage posts have been a little thin on here, so here is my first attempt at rectifying that. Here are my current favourite Perth wine bars to sit and enjoy a glass or two at. NOTE: There are SO many more I could have included, but these are the three most recent, most loved visits.

Wines of While (pictured)
458 William St Perth, Western Australia

As far as Perth wine bars go, this little spot is the newest on the block and it focuses purely on minimal intervention wines. I may be biased in my love for this place on geographical grounds, but I really do love everything about it. From the decor to the food, everything is so perfectly simple and understated; not what you would have expected of a wine bar some 10 years ago.

Jumping right on the organic wine trend, Wines of While already has a strong local following. Now, I am not normally one to bow to trends, but this trend is one I can get around. Some people love the trend for it’s health benefits, some love the idea of purchasing from smaller suppliers; others purely because it is the latest and greatest and they want to try something new. Me? I grew up drinking ‘minimal intervention’ wines that my nonno made, and testing fare within this category always takes me back to lunches with my dear nonna and nonno. There is a certain earthiness (and sometimes fizziness, yeastiness and pungent odour) to all the wines at Wines of While, and so far these minimal intervention wines are the ones that get the closest to what I was brought up on.

If you are open to having your thoughts on wine challenged, pop in for a drink, some homemade sourdough and a chat with the team. (P.S. they also do takeaways – you can buy a bottle in store and take it home with you!)

Petition Wine Bar and Merchant
Cnr of St Georges Terrace & Barrack St, Perth, WA 6000

Ahhhhhh… the amount of time I have spent sitting in this wine library, having a quiet moment to myself with a glass of wine.

I adore the State Buildings and every single merchant within the space. To me, they can do no wrong; and Petition Wine Bar is no exception. Emma Farrelly – the recent winner of Gourmet Traveller’s ‘sommelier of the year’ award – has put together an absolute killer wine list for the State Buildings, so you can always trust you will get a good drop at any of the venues in the space; especially at the wine bar. Most of the time, I choose to go at quieter times and I find myself one of only a handful of people there, if any. I always park up right by the big glass windows and enjoy basking in the natural light.

Although I have never utilised the bottle-shop side of the wine bar, I have most definitely spent ample time browsing through it. They have the most impressive selection of local and international wines on display (possibly one of the biggest selections of any wine-bar-come-bottle-shop in Perth) and some of them have a pretty impressive price tag too. If anything, it is one of the more picturesque displays amongst similar venues, even featuring one of those old school sliding ladders to get to the very top shelves (SWOON!).

I would definitely drop by if you like the finer things in life sans the wank factor!

Tiny’s Liquor Emporium
QV1, E2 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

It may be the smallest of the three listed bars, but Tiny’s Emporium is packed full to the brim of great, boutique wines. Tucked away off Milligan Street, the entrance may be a little hard to spot but that is all a part of the charm of the place.

The latest in the Mary St boy’s string of venues, Tiny’s is all about warm, eclectic foods and good times; and the wine bar is all about shining a light on our great local wineries. With so many fab producers in the south west region, it only makes sense to put them in the spotlight. Although they champion local producers, there is also a good portion of imported pours too; from straight grenaches to funky pet nats. Whatever is pouring, you know it is going to be good.

I have always been a big fan of everything that the Mary St boys have put their mark on, and this little wine bar is no exception. They have a signature warmth to all of their venues, and even though it is fitted out in black decor, the wine bar carries that same sense of warmth and homeliness. Headed up by some of the better known names in the hospitality game, Tiny’s really does have a lot going for them!

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