Why Aren’t We Staying in the Swan Valley? I Stayed at Discovery Holiday Parks and This is Why You Should Too

Spending a day wine tasting, beer drinking and indulging in amazing food shouldn’t have to end with an anti-climax like a taxi ride home. There is so much to see in the Swan Valley, so it would be a shame to squish your visit into just one day. Give yourself more time to indulge and extend your time in the valley with a night or two at Discovery Holiday Parks.


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When organising a wine tasting tour, most people in Perth look at one of two things: spending a day out in the Swan Valley, or booking a weekend in the Margaret River region. It isn’t often that the Perth-based consider booking in for a weekend in the wine region just 30-minutes drive from our CBD.

From experience, there is never really enough time to fully enjoy what there is to offer in the Swan Valley region in just one day. I don’t like to rush through my wine tastings (this girl likes a good chat and story), and I really do love sitting down to a long lunch looking out over lush vineyards… I am painting a good picture here, aren’t I? Indulging yourself in a good wine is just as much about the circumstances surrounding the wine drinking it as it is the wine itself.

This is why I advocate for the Swan Valley weekend getaway.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but when people book a getaway in Margaret River, the whole idea is to spend a few days enjoying the slow life, ending your days drinking the wine you picked up from the cellar doors and nibbling on some cheese on the porch. The idea is to take a deep breath, take everything in and really immerse yourself in the region and it’s produce. If that idea applies in Margaret River, surely it applies to our own wine region here in Perth too? Forget the fast-paced, 8hr winery tour, I am in it for the pauses and breaths too.

Staying at Discovery Holiday Park

Just the other week, I jumped on the chance to spend a night at Discovery Holiday Park in the Swan Valley. How I have never done this before, I don’t know. Living right in the heart of Highgate, the park is only really a matter of minutes away from me; and the change of pace from my city lifestyle was very much welcomed. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be just minutes from the output of dozens of wonderful, family owned wineries?

As far as accommodation in the heart wine region goes, there really isn’t an awful lot in that central area to choose from; so Swan Valley Discovery Park seems like the obvious choice. It is central, it is well appointed and it is well priced.

With so much in the vicinity of the park, you barely even need to leave the comfort of your cabin to go exploring the region. Just across the road is the family owned and run Pinelli Estate, the famed Maison Saint-Honore cafe, and right next door is Funk Cider. If you do decide to venture a little further – let’s say to Sandalford or Ambrook wines – a 3-minute taxi is all it takes to get you there. And – not that I condone shopping there when you are surrounded by such good produce – there is a Coles just around the corner for all your barbecue needs (should you need).

You really are in prime position to access the best of the valley.

The park itself is rather sweet; an eclectic combination of caravaners, tenters, long-term residents, families and holidayers in cabins (the latter of which being the perfect choice for a couple of friends looking for somewhere to kick back after a big day exploring the valley). It really does feel like a little neighbourhood. Just like any holiday park, there is never a shortage of people to stop and strike up conversation with.

I think the most attractive features of the cabins are that some of them welcome pets (yes, you can bring your doggos!), and their design fully encourages interaction and conversation. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than sitting around in the dining or on the porch with friends, chatting, eating and drinking.

In Perth’s premiere wine region, what else is there to do but eat well, drink well and make the most of the outdoors? Discovery Holiday Park really is the perfect spot to get reacquainted with the wine region right on our doorstep. It may not be the Hilton, but it is exactly what you need to have a relaxed, low key weekend, enjoying everything that the Swan Valley has to offer; and that is all you can ask for!

** written in collaboration with Discovery Holiday Park. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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